Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Daily Bread.

It is  natural that when we are going through financial trouble or any type of dilemma that we at first resort to our carnal minds to solve our problems.

I  reflect back on how the children of Israel came out of Egypt in faith to follow a God that they had just met.  They had only heard about Him until then.   When the time prophesied of their Egyptian captivity (Gen 15:13) was coming to an end they were thrust in to a new reality.  A reality where manna rains from heaven and water comes from a rock.  Fast forward to Jesus and He tells us to pray that the Lord gives us our daily bread (Matt 6:11).  Give.  Give. Not labor for.

He didn’t say we had to earn it.

What is faith then?  Believing God or believing in ourselves? Believing what God says or believing what has always worked for us?   If we believe in ourselves then we are going to labor and live off of the sweat of our brow which is borne from the curse of Adam.  Adam was banished from a plentiful garden AND the presence of God.  Adam was no longer operating in fellowship with the Lord or in the spirit, but was operating in the flesh.  Notice that God clearly calls this separation ‘death’ (Gen 2:17; Luke 15:24).

In our new covenant, we are to follow the spirit (Gal 5:25; Rom 8:4).  Think about it.  What did the children of Israel do in the wilderness?  They followed the glory cloud wherever it went.  And it rained manna near this glory cloud. Daily.  It didn’t rain manna in Egypt, or in Maine, or even in Texas,  but only in proximity to where the glory cloud was.

Do a New Testament phrase search for “follow me” and you will get the idea that Jesus wants His sheep to follow Him much like the glory cloud example.

There comes a point in a person’s life where they hear about Jesus.  Then they meet Him.  Then they follow Him.  Jesus takes care of His flock.

Faith - It's not for wimps!

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