Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christian Ctrl+Alt+Del !


Ever notice how unwanted viruses or spyware gets into your computer system and bogs down your computer and maybe even freezes the screen?

Windows users can then simply  press Ctrl + Alt +Del and unfreeze the computer, analyze the problem, fix the problem and move on.  Ctrl + Alt + Del gives us a temporary break in order to solve problems.  It enables us to  analyze the situation to see if we need to simply do a system restore or maybe reboot our whole hard drive.  

This got me to thinking about how Christians could handle their thinking process when the world bogs them down thus hindering their Christian walk and their relationship with Christ.

It is not something we can put off if we want to progress with God.  We must do it now.

Ctrl  - Who or what is in control of my life?  Is it sin?  Is it the television?  Is it God?  Where am i lacking self control?  How can i bring the control back into my life?  Is Jesus on the throne in absolutely every decision in my life?

Alt - What are some alternatives that are more holy or healthier than what i am doing now?

Instead of smoking a cigar, maybe i can chew some gum.  Instead of watching television, maybe i can do a bible study, do some ministry, or go to a Christian coffee shop.  Instead of complaining maybe i can start thanking Him for the good things.  Instead of eating a gallon of ice cream, maybe i can go for a prayer walk.  Instead of chowing down on potato chips and candy bars, maybe i can graze on fruits and vegetables.  Instead of lying maybe i can tell the truth and deal with the consequences in good conscience.  Instead of hurting someone, maybe i can fall to my knees and cry, admitting my weakness so that  i can heal.

Del- What can i delete from my life that would be pleasing to God?

What are some of the influences in my life that i must totally delete?  Do i need to delete my credit cards?  Do i need to eliminate the clutter in my garage?  Do i need to delete the habit of remembering the incident that causes me to harbor unforgiveness?  Do I need to delete subscriptions to things I no longer use?  What encumbrances are there that are stealing from my relationship with God?  Maybe i need to delete an ungodly soul tie.  Maybe i need to delete those new age books that are still in my library.   Maybe i need to delete the television.   Maybe I need to delete that ungodly phone number in my dresser drawer.

I must delete the bridges back to my sin.

Restore - Ctrl + Alt +  Del is  part of a process we do to restore our computer back to a healthy condition.  Likewise, when pondering the concepts of control, alternatives, and deletions, we need to stay focused on the end result restoring our relationship with Jesus rather letting things of the world distract us from Him and eventually taking our eyes off Him altogether.  

Til we meet again - Dig Deeper, Go Higher!

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