Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friday skyrockets - Why? Pro-Lifers stumped!

In this first episode of Conrad Rocks Blog Talk Radio, we discuss the skyrocketing of the video “Friday” by Rebecca Black and Ark Music Factory.  This video came out in February, 2011 and has catapulted on you tube to over 60 Million views in a few weeks.  We discuss some of the NLP elements in the video and it’s possible reasons for its huge success.

Then we move to a few audio clips with an investigative reporter asking pro-lifers a simple question.  What should happen to the women who have illegal abortions?  In the audio clips people believe that abortion should be illegal but the answers of what should be done to the perpetrators may surprise you.

  You will notice that i talk a bit about Tony Robbins Smash hit book "Unlimited Power".

You can download this MP3 Podcast here

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