Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy the Fed - Houston

"Just as Christ over 2000 years ago confronted the money changers, so do we begin the movement to reveal and pull down your temples of fraud."   - Alex Jones

I went to the Occupy the Fed Houston protest. Hundreds of people were there for a peaceful protest. The interests varied from legalizing pot to Houston Free Thinkers. I got quite a bit of footage of Alex Jones practicing our right to free speech with a bullhorn! Freedom of Speech includes volume.

The whole time i was there, it was very cordial. The police were great. The right to peaceably assemble was protected.

Thanks to everyone that put this together.

For some good reading on this subject i suggest

"The Creature from Jekyl Island"  by G Edward Griffin.


"End the Fed" by Ron Paul


I have a cartoon on my blog   The American Dream - Money and Banking

This is a quick 30 minute cartoon which covers money and banking really well.

I am not allowed to print money to solve my problems.  Should anyone else be able to?

God bless.