Monday, April 8, 2013

Is the Pope offering the earth?


(video link is here:  )

I had a very definite vision during worship on 4-7-2013 during worship service.

It was so pronounced that I knew the Lord was going to have me upload it.  I had a very strong confirmation in prayer this morning to upload this.

In this vision I was off to the left and was watching a single man in costly apparel approach something out of my vision to my left.  I had the feeling it was a throne of some kind.

Flooding the floor was white smoke.  It looked like dry ice because it appeared  to settle to the floor.  It could have been the glory cloud but I wondered why the smoke  was settling to the floor.

This man’s apparel was colorful and costly.  He had a pointed gold hat like you see in the Catholic churches.  I am not certain he was catholic, but that is the only place I have seen those hats.

He had something that appeared to be a globe in his hand.   This globe had swirls of gold and lots of blue.  I thought it was some type of planet like earth.   He was walking toward what I presumed to be a throne.  The throne was out of my vision.  This man was holding the globe with two hands and approaching as if he was offering this globe.

At this point, I had two different perceptions in my spirit.  I perceived spiritually that he was ascending up 5 steps of gold, but because of the white smoke on the floor I could really only see 3 steps of gold in my spirit.  As this man ascended the golden steps I fell out of the spirit and the vision was over.

Let me know what the Lord reveals.