Monday, September 23, 2013

Coffee with Conrad - Muslims attack Church



In today's episode of Coffee with Conrad I discuss the recent Muslim Attacks.  Let's dig deeper into the truth.  What are the fundamentals that we may be overlooking?

God has been emphasizing witnessing, making disciples, and devouring the Word.

Here are some of the articles referred to in todays show.

Burials have been taking place in the Pakistani city of Peshawar after a double suicide bombing killed at least 80 people at a church on Sunday. (Read More)

Extended gunfire and at least seven large explosions resounded Monday at an upscale shopping mall in Kenya where heavily armed militants were still believed to be holding hostages on the third day of a standoff that has left at least 62 people dead.  Read More..

Last month, I shared how I felt like a project when my Muslims friends try to convert me. But what if I turn the tables and ask myself: Should I, as a Christian, convert Muslims?  Read More

This past month I was stretched. A few days of really hot 90 degree nights is bearable, but day after day gets to be a grind.  Without air conditioning only with wet towels and fans did my family and I sweat out the month of July. I was shocked to find out that the exact spot we live in, Fukuoka city-Central Ward was that hottest place in Japan.   Read More