Friday, October 11, 2013

Coffee with Conrad - School Sued for Jesus And Duck Dynasty warfare

Spiritual warfare today.
This is crazy. I am supposed to interview someone for their testimony. Ever since they agreed, the warfare has really ramped up quite a bit.
On this morning's live show, i had all the video and audio set up perfectly. The computer completely freezes up when i go live.
I pray, and the computer was still frozen. I rebooted even though i was live.
Then..... i finally got on ....
Around 44 minutes into the show, the door to the office opens. I am startled thinking it is one of the contractors wanting to talk to me. I get up (you can see this on the video) and go into the next room and no one is there.
I realized what it was and began to laugh.
Let's take some ground for Jesus today!

On today's show:

Reminiscing about Oahu
School sued for Jesus
Is the bible true?
Duck Dynasty - spiritual warfare

Kansas School-board OK's Prayer


<a href="" title="Do you think the Bible is true?">Do you think the Bible is true?</a>