Friday, April 1, 2016

Ministry Recap - 4-1-2016 #TeamJesus

Recapping the Last week or so of the Ministry Prayer Outreach.

We went with Garry and Nancy to the River Park on Sunday to pray for people.

We ministered to several people staggered throughout the day.  It was fairly easy because a lot of the people we ministered to were hanging out enjoying the beautiful day.  Several people received  inspiration to go further in their relationship with Jesus and one lady received instant physical healing.  Several people let go of harboring resentment and unforgiveness.  We went to talk over our experience at dinner and found yet more people to minister too at O'Charleys restaurant.

We started prayer walking our neighborhood with the 40 day prayer initiative and adopted our street for prayer.  Susan had designed business cards for the 'Adopt Your Street' initiative and we found it is a great tool to initiate conversation about Jesus. We prayed for several people  on our street and they were moved that people would actually knock on their door to pray for and with them. We talked to them about Jesus as well as inspired them to begin prayer walking the neighborhood.

The Bus station is an excellent place to minister.  It always has new candidates for prayer! When we pulled into the parking space and began to unload our prayer signs, i was praying for a gentleman before we even closed the back door to the van!  As soon as we went in people saw the signs and became eager for prayer.   It isn't uncommon that as people see us praying in a circle that strangers come up and join in or ask for prayer.  We meet so many people that encourage us and thank us for what we are doing.  We encourage them  to pray in their neighborhoods when they get home and to step into the destiny that Jesus has for them.

We ministered to  some people that needed the goodie bags too. When we minister with the goodie bags, we pray with them and seek God for answers to the struggles they are battling.  It is encouraging when the Spirit of God reveals to them the Kingdom Key they need.  They leave the prayer with a fresh new perspective on their life as a Christian.

I am reaching new people through snapchat.  With snapchat, i take quick pictures or videos as we do ministry so people can see what we are doing behind the scenes.

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