Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Prayer Outreach beginnings

+Glynda Lomax  asked how this whole prayer outreach ministry got started.  Here is a little about it.

Having a spiritual relationship with the biblical Jesus;
Keeping that close relationship 24 hours a day;
Seek ye first the kingdom!;
First prayer video  ;
The #JESUS vision;
Lifting up the Name of #Jesus;
Susan's Mobile home park dream;
The bathroom revelation;
The first day we did the prayer outreach;
The Polar Express outreach;
Crucify pride;
Bus Station outreach;
#Jesus shirts make a very real impact!;
Goodie bag ministry;
From crutches to Praying the Way!;
Be still and know God - He will be exalted;
Praying the Way and Divine appointments;
Red Boomerang vision;
Praying scripture;
Divine appointment ;
Make friends on Facebook;