Thursday, March 16, 2017

America and the Church Throwback

This is a throwback podcast from a vision I had back in 2013.

Getting back to what God intended
Blessed in suffering and absence
vision of two hands boxing
Luke 16:16 law until John
Violent Spiritual warfare 2 cor 10:3-5
The deluded church  rev 3:16-19
Heb 12:5,6  Chastening of the Lord;
tragedies Boston bombings etc.
Reaping what we have sown;
1 cor 9:26,27 not shadow boxing;
Praying all night and worshiping;
Heb 11:32-34 Subduing and obtaining faith;
Prayer out of schools moral decline of america LINK HERE
Matt 16:17-19 Storming the gates of Hell;
Ask Seek Knock Matt 7:7,8
Relationship with the Holy Spirit Acts 16:5-9
Matt 28:18,19 Great Commission
Rev 21:8 fearful and unbelieving;
If we don't get violent we don't love;
Prayer walking with a purpose;
Psalm 2:8 Ask for the Neighborhood;