Monday, April 10, 2017

Social Media Reformation

Social Media is transforming church;
Ministry of questions;
Digging deeper and going higher;
Sharing pearls with the inner circle;
Honeycomb prophecy during the honeymoon;
Fighting the honeycomb;
Repent and do the first works!  #Back2Acts!;
Facebook live study on the Book of Acts;
Getting volunteers and support from Facebook;
Acts 4:13 preaching Jesus against the control;
How did Paul handle false doctrine? ;
Mark 16:16 signs follow believers;
Social Media unbridles the move of God;
The Last Reformation;
Remnant is finding each other online;
Encourage, Exhort, Disciple, and Pray;
Sowers overtaking reapers via social media;
Hooking up like minded ministries;