Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sons of Korah - Sedition

I heard "you take too much upon yourselves you sons of Korah" in the spirit. I break down this prophetic word in the podcast.

This is close to Numbers 16:7;
Story is in Numbers 16-18;
Disclaimer right off the bat;
The root of Covetousness;
The root of Jealousy;
Prioritizing God’s kingdom 1 Kings 3:5-13;
Lying Liars that lied;
Jews which believed Jesus were Satans John 8;
Pride is the sin of the devil’
Satan’s desire the 5 “I wills” Isaiah 14:12-15;
Being exalted and revered of men;
I did a Facebook Post on popularity;
Sedition has a goal of usurping authority;
The Apostle Movie - Example  ;
God kept after me to say “sons of Korah” ;
Spiritual descendants of Korah;