Resources I recommend.
Books, movies, and other stuff.

Open Your Eyes My Supernatural Journey
This is my first book which Chronicles my supernatural experiences before and after Jesus.

Overcoming Night Terror
I had many demonic attacks as a child.  In this book I explain what opens the doors to these attacks and how to have victory in the Name of Jesus.

I highly recommend Ever Increasing Faith by Smith Wigglesworth.  I did a book review here. Learn from a man who actually lived in signs and wonders.  Wigglesworth cast out demons, healed people, and even raised people from the dead!

Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth is another highly recommended book on healing. I did a twenty minute review of the book!
The Alexander Scourby King James Audio Bible is very dear to my heart.  My dad introduced me to listening to the bible back in the 80's.  It is King James spoken word by an English man!

Saints and Soldiers is a Great War movie with a Christian perspective.  I did a review here.

Sophie Scholl The Final Days is an amazing War Movie based on a true story of Christians standing up for righteousness.  It is in German, but it has subtitles.  This is very worth watching!  I really love this movie!  Here is my review!

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Team Jesus Gear
 People have been asking where they can get the TEAM JESUS Shirts! 

Learn how the Lord taught me how to walk out depression with this FREE pdf Ebook.  

Did you know that harboring unforgiveness actually makes people sick?  How do you truly forgive someone? This is an mazing free ebook  of interviews with Garry Nesbit, Kevin Riordan, and Jay Cookingham.  


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