Saturday, March 23, 2019

Personal Prophecy and Hearing God

Personal Prophecy and hearing from God. Some of my thoughts on a morning drive.

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Speaking forth oracles of God;
Examples of personal prophecy in the Bible;
Psychics and New Age and worlds of knowledge;
Demons expose themselves;
The deceit of your own heart;
Psychic projection;
Not everything supernatural is God;
Jeremiah didn't add or take away;
Hearing God is a BIG DEAL;
God will cook your theology;
His sheep KNOW His voice;
Major encounters;
Discernment of spirits;
Personal prophecy has to do with Gods plan;
Spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus;

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Following the Spirit - my experiences

Sharing some experiences I had following the Spirit of God.

Apologetics and following the spirit;
1 Peter 3:15 God is in my heart;
The power of testimony;
Being led by the Spirit Romans 8;
Prophecy and ELS;
Scripture, heavens, and nature glorify God;
The spirit behind cutting ;
Instant evangelists in scripture;
Acts 13 seeking God model;
God doesn't fit in our routines;
Jesus went from city to city;
Spread out with the gospel;
The empty pier that filled up cuz of God;
Open your mouth for God to fill;
The Tammy Morgan divine appointment;
The radio station appointment;
God forbids Paul to preach the gospel;
The Macedonian Jailer divine appointment;

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Embrace the Supernatural

I experienced many traumatic supernatural experiences as a child. The church should not shun but embrace the supernatural.

Open Your Eyes book  ;
Institutional church shuns the supernatural;
Bible is a supernatural Book;
Demonic Night Terrors, Astral projection, telekinesis;
Church pushed me to the New Age;
New Agers think Christians don't understand the Bible;
New Agers use Christian sounding words;
Psychics and diviners predicting future (acts 16);
Psychics and Familiar Spirits;
The soul is not physical - can't be quantified;
Multiple Personality disorder and the demonic;
Mom and Dad went to seances;
Don't mix Christianity with the demonic;
The generational curse;
Dad taught me how to pray;
Hearing God as a young boy;
My "Open Your Eyes" encounter in 1995;
Suppressing the voice of God;
The demonic realm versus the Kingdom of God;
You must be born again to see the Kingdom of God;