Saturday, January 12, 2019

Focus on God - the Benefits!

Keeping our mind stayed upon God and abiding in the Vine has benefits! Audio Podcast

Audio Podcast (PODCAST HERE) Show Notes:

Experiential theology - reading then experiencing;
Keeping mind stayed upon God Isa 26:3,4;
I did a search for every 'if then' in the bible;
God gives us instruction in the night season;
Meditating on the Word is thinking on God;
The serpent bites the heels of the horse;
The storm caused Peter to lose focus on Jesus;
Intentionally bringing our thoughts back to God;
John 8:31,32 continuing in The Word and Freedom;
Joshua 1:8 meditating on the Book and success;
Kingdom suffers violence Matt 11:12,13 ;
Possessing the promises is not a cake walk;
The spirit guides us to the treasure in the field;
Psalm 91 and the abiding passages;
Intentionally dwelling in God;
Building our house upon the Rock! Matt 7:24-27;
1 Cor 3:11-15 building on Christ the Rock;
Rev 3:21 sitting with Jesus on His throne;
I have set the Lord before me Psalm 16:8;
Abiding in the vine John 15:4-8;
James 4:7,8 coming under God's mission;

Here is the video:

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Miracles in Memphis - Garry Nesbit Interview

Actual Audio of a miracle in Memphis and follow up interview with healing evangelist Garry Nesbit. Getting into the nuts and bolts of street evangelism.


Garry On Facebook

Holly Healed of a Bulging Disk!

Bonnie healed from Stabbing Pain in her Back!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Reach My City APP - Interview with Jonny Gaston

Interview with Evangelist Jonny Gaston about his new Evangelism App "Reach My City".

Jonny gives an in depth run down on what you can do with the app and what to expect.

You can get the app on both Android and Apple.

Get the Android app here: