Monday, July 16, 2018

Sidewalk Chalk Ministry Saturday Night in Biloxi MS

Saturday night was a really awesome night of ministry that I streamed on Periscope Live as it happened! 

Joseph starting drawing the Name of Jesus on the sidewalk.  Right off the bat this man came over to give us a hard time. You can watch it all on the video.  He was mocking what we were doing.  About that time Doug begins to pray for this one lady.  He ends up praying for her a few times and she says she feels better which is evident in the video.  They leave, but then they COME BACK! The Lady's daughter was very excited that she was healed and Doug wasn't even praying for her!  She caught the overflow!  She was so excited that she was jumping up and down and shared the testimony live on Periscope (watch the video).  Several people saw that she was healed (including the heckler). 

We continued for quite some time sharing Jesus with people.

We are praying for new ideas on how to make this sidewalk chalk ministry more effective.  We are picking the chalk  up at the dollar store for a dollar.   Our first ministry started off with an 88 cent #Jesus sign and then another 88 cent sign with "Free Prayer" on it.  Sidewalk chalk is almost as cheap!

The great thing about the chalk is that it stays there after we leave. We pray about what scriptures to put down so we know that God is going to use that for the right person at the right time.   The sower sows the Word!  We know The Word of God will not return void!  amen? 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

GodTalk with Stephen Barrett - Missionary to Japan

Stephen Barrett is a Christian Missionary to Japan. He is making an impact in Japan and walks in gifts of healing and the prophetic.

An interesting dream;
Following the Spirit;
Faith - text vs Spirit;
Faith and miracles;
Different perspectives of God;
Changing our thinking and faith;
Faith in dotctors or God;
From faith to faith;
My Pitbull faith example;
Finger of God Authority;
Preaching in public in Japan;
Activating Kingdom Seekers;
Belief and reliance;
Stop sinning vs Seeking Jesus;

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Stephen on FACEBOOK

Friday, May 25, 2018

Overcoming Demonic Night Terror

How the demons get access and how I overcame demonic night terror in the Name of Jesus.

In this video:

Suffocation during sleep;
Out of Body - demons want in;
Things devoted to destruction;
The French Ghost attack;
Many people have similar symptoms;
Paralysis - Only able to open eyes;
Evil presence on Chest;
suffocation - bite marks and bruises;
Seeing the old hag or shadow demons;
Out of Body is common;
Etymology of Nightmare;
Job and Peter examples;
The Name of Jesus is more than just a tagline;
Name is  Character and Authority;
Jesus is the Author of our Authority;
Believing God and being in the Will of God;
Disobedience gives the devil the keys;
Seven Sons of Sceva did not Know Jesus ;
Burning the curious arts and objects of destruction;
Deliverance is for covenant people;
How the devil gets access;
Sin in the Authority Structure;
Have a spiritual relationship with the biblical Jesus;
Asking God to reveal the problem;
Why God sends the tormentors;
The open doors;
Know Jesus  and dialogue with Him;
Ask God why the door is open;
Understanding the Authority and enforcing it;

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