Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Jesus Walk from Walmart to Jerry Lee's

My buddy Joseph and I had a bet on who could lose the most weight in a month. The loser was supposed to carry the #Jesus sign from Walmart Ocean Springs to Jerry Lee's Grocery, Inc..
This is a bet we both wanted to lose so we didn't even bother to weigh in.
We lifted up the Name of #Jesus for seven miles on April 15th 2018.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Shall I be inquired of at all by you? #Word

I heard in the Spirit "Shall I be inquired of at all by you". We put stumbling blocks of iniquity before our eyes and it hinders our relationship with God. God provides an answer in scripture.

Being conformed to the world;
Images and songs elicit memories;
Image begins chain of events of sin;
"Shall i be inquired of at all by you?"
Overcomers sit with Jesus;
Outside the New Jerusalem;
Abominations of Israel in Ezekiel 8;
Purposely setting up idols;
Estranged from God because of idols;
Known by our fruits;
Ask according to His will;
Perpetuation of iniquity;
Repentance and our core values;
Abusing the grace of God;
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Developing a Spiritual Relationship with God

How i developed my spiritual relationship with the biblical Jesus.
Seeking God in desperation;
The current error in the prophetic;
Seeking God is a function of value;
Ignoring the Spirit of God;
Knowing God as a child;
God speaking to me as a backslider;
Gideon's relationship with God;
Not hearing from God during prayer;
Spirit will not violate the Word;
Closeness to the Spirit in Worship;
Spiritual revelation during prayer walks;
Fasting and Praying;
Prayer list of spiritual confirmations;
The quickening of the Spirit;
Getting through complacency;