Saturday, April 10, 2021

Power Evangelism and Discernment

While doing spirit-led evangelism

.. and praying in the spirit, there are different sources of information that arise. . I will be addressing some of the different sources today.

Power Evangelism and Discernment Notes:

These are pearls of spiritual evangelism;
The prophetic is a mess right now;
My new age background;
Eph 6:18 tells us to pray in the spirit for people;
Different sources of spiritual info;
Demons or familiar spirits;
Our heart can deceive us Jer 23:16 ;
We are to commune with our hearts Psalms 4:4;
Paul goes from flesh to spirit;
Discernment comes from use Heb 5:12-14;
The recipient projects in the spirit;
Law of attraction in scripture;
The Spirit of God;
God confirms - my example;
Principalities cause spiritual traffic;
It is useful even if it is from a bad source;
We need prophetic mentorship;
1 Cor 14 is a good example;
huddling after evangelism;


Prophetic Fishing: Evangelism in the Power of the Spirit

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Open Your Eyes Book

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Reexamining John 3:16 - A fresh Look at some very old words

Digging Deeper to go higher with John 3:16

Most people will not know why I have a serpent on a stick for the image of this podcast.  Find out why in the show today.  

Getting into what Jesus REALLY meant:

Looking into original languages for 'for' and 'so';
When I first heard John 3:16;
Saul's rigid interpretation was fighting the truth;
Memorizing scripture is not salvation;
Carnal Interpretation versus Spirit of Truth;
The Greek word for 'for' definition;
For is a 'continuation of thought';
John 3:10-15 - the serpent on the stick;
Crucifixion and the serpent on the stick;
The Greek word for 'so';
Word meanings change with time;

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Overcoming Depression

Talking about Depression

Addressing a Facebook post on depression and digging into the comments.  I talk about depression quite a bit on my podcasts. I have been through it.  Sometimes it rears it's ugly head again.  This time I address some comments on a post I did on Facebook.  

You can comment on the Facebook Live Video as well.  

Show Notes on Overcoming Depression:

People messaging me about the Spirit of Depression:
Is it a spirit or a belief system? or what? ;
Deliverance - instant or walking it out;
Why my depression looked like ;
The lady with a quickened prophetic word for me;
Scriptures that were quickened to me;
Warfare Journal technique;
Continuing in The Word leads to Freedom;
Be careful what we sow into our hearts;
The chronology of sin from the eye to hand;
Set the stumbling block before the eyes;
The heart leads to murmuring;
The spiritual assignment of depression;
Lexi Rogers shares her testimony;
Being obedient to speak what the Spirit says;
Going over some wisdom in four books;

Awesome Books Mentioned:

Feel the Fear and DO IT ANYWAYS
5 Second Rule
Feeling Good - David Burns
Feeling Great - David Burns