Saturday, January 16, 2021

Socialism Versus Christianity

Is there something possibly biblical about socialism? We will be exploring that today.

The Problem with Socialism and Christianity:

The Shemitah and Harbinger Failed us;
98% of people who support socialism don't have a biblical world view?;
I used to engage with people about politics and point them to JESUS;
The Government monopoly on force;
George Washington - Government IS force;
The COMMUNE in Acts 2:42-46;
Why Socialists disdain Christianity;
What does the BIBLE SAY?;
Luk 3:11 Impart stuff to those that need it;
Jas 2:14-17 Don't be a hypocrite - give away your stuff to people that need it;
Luk 3:14 Don't do violence to people;
Luk 18:22 Sell everything and give to the poor;
Mat 5:42 give to people;
Eph 4:28 Get a job so you can give to people that need stuff;
Mat 5:40-42 Giving people stuff even if they sue you;
1Jn 3:17 Having the love of God in you means to give away stuff;


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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Closing the Door to Demons - Maintaining Deliverance

Deliverance is awesome, but repentance is key to maintaining victory!

There are open doors to demons

Jesus says sinning makes things worse John 5:14;
The tormenting compulsion thought stops when delivered;
Difference between body, soul, and spirit ;
If you don't repent, seven more wicked come Matt 12:43-45;
A vision of wooden fence explaining matt 12:43-45;
Difference between projecting and receiving in prayer ;
God speaks to us in the night season Job 33:14,15;
Communing with our hearts in the night seasons;
We cast the beam out of our own eye Matt 7:5;
The blind man exception to the rule;
Matt 7:21-23 We have to know Jesus personally;
Non-Christians using the name of Jesus as an incantation;
Most people want deliverance without repentance;
Continuing in the Word for Freedom;
Paul supports what Jesus said and not contradicts;
Hospitals mainly operate on unbelief;
Christians must depart from iniquity 2 Tim 2;
We purge ourselves of iniquity;
God chastens those He loves Heb 12:6-11;
Our struggle becomes our ministry once we are victorious;
God doesn't punish directly, but allows demons to do so;
God allows lying spirits in prophets;
Repentance means to change our mind;
Put on the helmet of Salvation Eph 6:17;
God rewards those that seek Him diligently Heb 11:6;
Go out and minister! ;
Listen to His voice speaking from heaven Hebrews 12:25 ;


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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Blaspheming Jesus because of Christians?

Blaspheming Jesus?  

Is the world blaspheming Jesus because of our Christian behavior?

Are we causing the world to blaspheme?  

Inspiration during insomnia;
Beginning in the spirit but ran with the flesh;
The world hates Christianity;
A check in my spirit before doing the original podcast;
Zealous for God without the Spirit - Like Paul;
Hitler read Luther and hopped on to antisemitism;
The wave of revelation;
Jenny Dean - blasphemy in the last days;
Christianity is a family affair;
Thomas - Matt 10:25 ;
The world knows some Christian standards and judges us;
Jenny Dean - enduring sound doctrine;
Keith - Gandhi judges Christians;
Thomas - learned true Christianity in jail;
Pastor Rick - Christians too involved in politics;
The graven image on the coin;
Go tell Herod! ;
Damon - taking the Name of Jesus in vain ;
Nature, Character, and Authority of Jesus;
Saying and doing are two different things Matt 7:21-23;
The shopping mall example of taking a name in vain;
Sheila - taking the name of God in vain by doing ungodly things;
Polly - Pray that we live genuinely every day;
Susan - our behaviors are not inviting;

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