Saturday, December 4, 2021

Spiritual Revelation - What to Do with it!

Quickened Spiritual Revelation

Sometimes the Spirit of Truth will quicken some mind-blowing truths to us. I talk about how I handle them.

What are we supposed to do with Revelation?  

Show Notes:
I had a whopper revelation recently;
Spiritual things are Spiritually discerned;
Initial Revelation and then walking it out;
Meditate on it and pray about relevant scriptures;
Isaiah 28:9,10 Precepts given by the Lord;
Hypocrites know the word but don’t apply it;
Matt 7:3-5 get the beam out first;
John 8:31,32 the truth makes us free;
The beam affects everything we do;
Solutions are in The Word;
Fruits of repentance are apparent;
Seeking God diligently Heb 11:6;
Problems drive us to our knees;
Don't give up asking, seeking, and knocking;
Paul and the thorn in his flesh;
Revelation is to be applied not polished;
Tastes good, but walking it out is bitter;
2 Tim 2:24 Repentance Truth and defeating the devil;
Kicking it over with a mentor;

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Dreams Have Purpose - Are YOU Paying Attention?

Dreams can be important!

We have many dreams in our life. Some are instructions from the Lord.

Dreams are often neglected

Dreams are neglected but important in the Christian life;
A certain Dream keeps coming to my mind;
It was a course correction dream;
Dream versus Night Vision;
Job 33:14-18 God gives us dreams for instruction;
Dreams keep us from selfish purpose;
Matt 7:21-23 didn't have a spiritual relationship with God;
Gen 20 God talks with Abimelech in a dream;
God instructs Abimelech on what to do in a dream;
Dreams reveal our true nature;
God speaks to heathen Kings in dreams;
Joseph knows about double dream confirmation;
Daniel wrote his dream down;
Pilate's wife had a warning dream about Jesus;
Wise men from East warned in a dream;
Joseph warned in dreams to fulfill prophecy;

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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Is it Time to Start Over?

Is it time to tear down and rebuild?

Is now the time to consider starting over? What can we learn from God's mission to Jeremiah?

Things are bad right now

Jeremiah 1:10 is the solution;
Preconceived biases and Presuppositions are the roots;
Different moral frameworks ;
At least two sides to every position;
Seeking the scriptural position to be our root;
Our belief system is crafted by those with power;
Stereotyping and demonizing;
Being programmed to kill;
Word of God strikes the root;
Different Moral frameworks
News is biased and manipulative;
False news shares faster than truth;
Bible should be our main content;
Truth trumps being right;
Time to do Jeremiah 1:10;