Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Theology I Learned from My Cat

As I was seeking the Lord this morning, Boaz came up to my tablet and watched with curiosity as I spoke notes into the tablet. That must have seemed miraculous to him. I wonder how much he understood of what was actually going on.

I began to wonder if Boaz would ever understand what I wrote by speaking it into being. Maybe he knows words like ‘no’, ‘good boy’, and ‘Boaz’, but I am pretty sure, he doesn't get but maybe 1% of what I spoke into the tablet.

Then I thought about how God wrote on the tablet for Moses in a language that hopefully, we could understand.  It took mankind over 6000 years to discover that there was such a thing as DNA. A finite mind trying to comprehend an infinite God.

Boaz was curious and he wanted to be near me. I think we can learn a lot of theology from that.

Are we curious about God? Do we long to be near God?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Praying it Through

This is a teaching that is largely ignored in the body, and is probably best left to a mentor. I am putting it out there to start a dialougue.

Men of God didn't consult the spirit sometimes;
David carried the Ark incorrectly;
Spirit never violates word but our theology;
Peter fought God on the tanner's house;
David Numbered Isreal against God;
Joshua didn't consult God about Gibeonites;
Jesus lays out a model in Matt 6:9 ;
The faces that pop up in prayer;
Gideon took a while establishing relationship with God;
Rom 8:6-9 carnal mind fights God;
Paul is a great example;
Satan uses scripture to manipulate Jesus;
Paul in Galatians 1 conferred with the Spirit;
Spirit told Paul to not Preach in Asia Acts 16;
Prioritizing God in prayer;
Matt 7:21-23 doing the will of the heavenly Father;

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Entering the presence of God

Doing some spirit worship for the first couple of minutes.
Breathe on Us God;
Entering into the presence of God;
Psalm 100:4 How to enter His presence ;
God is a Spirit we must worship in Spirit and in Truth;
What is it to enter into HIS gates? ;
Our Father is in heaven - we need to seek the kingdom of heaven;
Prayer points start with the Holiness of God ;
After this manner is a model for us;
Getting our feet wet in obedience causes miracles;
God brings to remembrance what He has told us;
Gideon needed many confirmations in the beginning;
He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him;
Acts 16 the Spirit forbade preaching in Asia;
Spirit lights upon the Word;
John 5:39 the scriptures testify of Jesus;
The Spirit will not violate scripture;
Satan even quotes scriptures;
Check in the Spirit when verses are quoted;
Praying out;
The Spirit wields the Sword;