Saturday, July 13, 2019

Is Street Preaching Hate Speech?

Is Street Preaching Hate Speech?

Actual Street preachers chime in on the subject!

00:49 Someone shared the gospel with a saved person;
01:08 Hateful Street Preacher example;
02:29 Biblical Definition of "Preach" or "Preacher" ;
06:29 Acie Burleson chimes in;
06:56 Lance Rowe says not to stand by idly!;
07:28 Monty Simpson God's love must be preached;
08:24 Corey Costelli gives a train example;
08:51 John Roush chimes in;
09:16 Mandy Stork, follow the Lord's leading;
10:24 Muslims having service inside a Christian church!;
11:05 Texas Muslim capitol day - interrupted by Christine Weick;
12:29 Preacher arrested for reading the bible at DMV;
13:39 Examining the Captive audience doctrine;
14:55 My first experience Street preaching the cops shut me down;
15:59 Jonny Gaston from Reach My City Audio;
18:17 Matthew Foutch preaches the Love of Jesus;
20:16 Brandon Hooks If we love people, tell them the truth;
21:51 Stephen Barrett from Holy Fire Japan - Be led by the Spirit;
29:24 Acts 5:27 Obey God about Preaching and not man;
30:19 Philippians 1:15 At least Christ is being preached! ;


Do you appreciate the time stamps? Let me know please!

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Saturday, July 6, 2019

TeamJesus behind the scenes Audio

Behind the scenes audio of #TeamJesus street ministry in Biloxi Mississippi. This is to encourage you to step out and get people closer to Jesus.

Show Notes

Behind the scenes Audio from actual street ministry;
Start by opening your mouth;
Dollar Store with Larry;
Knowing the Local Homeless Resources;
Unforgiveness is the major reason for homelessness;
Sow the Word and someone’s life will change;
Bus stations are great places to minister;
Praying for Doyle;
Relationship with Jesus is paramount;
God meets our needs according to His riches;
Demon exposes himself;
Dream of a person getting healed came to pass;
Pain demon moved around in his body;
Song - Kingdom Grind Music “Go Ahead and Hate”;
Going to Biloxi Rest Home
The distracting time waster ;
Praying for Bill from Maine;
We often hear “I go to church”;
Showing testimony on my phone LINK below;
Bill thought religions were equal;
Video testimonies raise faith level;
Traudi Davis “Listen to this”;
Approached a group and began to preach;
Money makes you more wicked;
God supplies our needs;
How to deliver a terrifying word;
American Dream leaves Jesus out;
Traudi Davis “blow your mind”;
Audio from Story;


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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Having a Victorious Thought Life - Winning the Battle

Scriptural examples and practical ways that I have discovered in having a victorious thought life.

Here is the FaceBook Live video that started the podcast off!

Show Notes:

Chronology of sin;
Looking at a woman and committing adultery Matthew 5:27-30 ;
Setting no wicked thing before our eyes Psalm 101:3
Look - think - heart - action;
We are our thought life Prov 23:7;
Exploring 2 Cor 10:3-5 ;
Matt 4 and Luke 4 Jesus models our warfare;
Devil wants to topple the first thought domino;
Casting down strongholds of the imagination;
Exploring Joshua 1:7,8 ;
Observing and following through;
Speaking the Word out loud;
Meditating day and night on the Word;
This leads to good success;
Deut 11:18 memorizing scripture ;
Deut 30:14 mouth and heart;
Psalms 1:1-2 delighting in the Word;
Psalm 119:11 hiding the Word in our heart;
Proverbs 3:1 Heart keeping commandments;
Colossians 3:16 let Word dwell in us richly;
exploring John 8:31,32
Continuing in the word to freedom;
Matthew 12:35 treasure of our heart;
Matt 6:21 where our treasure is our heart is;
Jame 1:22 be doers and not hearers only;
Exploring John 14:21;
Memorizing Jesus commands means we love Jesus;
He will manifest Himself to us! ;
Revelation 22:14 The right to the tree of Life;
Real life examples ;
Being proactive is ideal;
How to cast down the vain imagination;
James 4:7 Submitting to God and resisting the devil;
Gen 4:7 Sin lies at the door, we are to rule over him;
Live Listener Comments:
Facebook Live video HERE :
Victorious thought life post from a while back;