Tuesday, May 29, 2018

GodTalk with Stephen Barrett - Missionary to Japan

Stephen Barrett is a Christian Missionary to Japan. He is making an impact in Japan and walks in gifts of healing and the prophetic.

An interesting dream;
Following the Spirit;
Faith - text vs Spirit;
Faith and miracles;
Different perspectives of God;
Changing our thinking and faith;
Faith in dotctors or God;
From faith to faith;
My Pitbull faith example;
Finger of God Authority;
Preaching in public in Japan;
Activating Kingdom Seekers;
Belief and reliance;
Stop sinning vs Seeking Jesus;

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Overcoming Demonic Night Terror

How the demons get access and how I overcame demonic night terror in the Name of Jesus.

In this video:

Suffocation during sleep;
Out of Body - demons want in;
Things devoted to destruction;
The French Ghost attack;
Many people have similar symptoms;
Paralysis - Only able to open eyes;
Evil presence on Chest;
suffocation - bite marks and bruises;
Seeing the old hag or shadow demons;
Out of Body is common;
Etymology of Nightmare;
Job and Peter examples;
The Name of Jesus is more than just a tagline;
Name is  Character and Authority;
Jesus is the Author of our Authority;
Believing God and being in the Will of God;
Disobedience gives the devil the keys;
Seven Sons of Sceva did not Know Jesus ;
Burning the curious arts and objects of destruction;
Deliverance is for covenant people;
How the devil gets access;
Sin in the Authority Structure;
Have a spiritual relationship with the biblical Jesus;
Asking God to reveal the problem;
Why God sends the tormentors;
The open doors;
Know Jesus  and dialogue with Him;
Ask God why the door is open;
Understanding the Authority and enforcing it;

Open Your Eyes book  

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sin in the Authority Structure

Satan tries to get into the authority structure through sin.

Israel wanted a king;
Sin gets in through humans;
Author and Authority;
Sin crouches at the door Gen 4:7;
David worship vs today worship;
1 Chron 21 Satan provoked David;
Satan needs permission to torment;
Paul's messenger of satan 2 Cor 12;
Joshua sought God to reveal sin;
God smote Israel and Not David;
Adultery in the church;

The Father's unbelief;
Prayer, fasting, and authority;
Submit to God resist the devil;
Noncovenant mom authority;
Parents in the occult;
Jezebel in the church;
Children suffer;