Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cessationist Pastor Gets Healed Part 2 - Garry Nesbit Interview

This is part two of Cessationist pastor gets healed. Interview with Garry Nesbit.

Garry explains the encounter ;
The cessationist cousin saw it and got saved;
Garry explains why cessationism is so predominant;
Why healings are not happening in church much;
People ignore healings and miracles;
Spirit of doubt and unbelief choking the word;
Form of godliness while denying the power;
Miracles at the VA Hospital;
Garry talks about doctors and faith;
Jesus put out the unbelievers before raising the dead;
Persecution from the 'church';
Why Mark 16 'signs of a believer' aren't common;
The Spirit during one on one ministry;
Healing and the prophetic causes division;
Throwing caution to the wind and believing God;
Demas and everyone forsook Paul;
Love of money and tickling ears;
Garry prays us out;
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Suggested Reading:
Azusa Street
William Seymour
Charles Finney
Smith Wigglesworth
John Alexander Dowie
John G. Lake
George Müller

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Cessationist Pastor Gets Healed Part 1

Cessationist Pastor gets healed;

Audio taken from a FacebookLive Video;
One of my friends prayed for a pastor of a cessationist denominations and they got healed.  In this podcast, i touch on that and explore some common denominators of great men of faith. Like Smith Wigglesworth, John Alexander Dowie, William Seymour, Charles Finney, John G Lake, and George Muller.

Part one of a two-part series;
I grew up in Cessationist denomination;
Link to my book with my testimony; ;
Garry Prays for cessationist pastor;
Pastor sees Doug pray for a lady that was healed;
God orchestrates our steps;
Approaching people with the Gospel;
God showing up at school auditorium;
Common denominators of great men of God;
They prayed for a long amount of time;
Waiting on God;
Walking after the Spirit;
They read the bible a lot;
Prioritizing God;
Devil says "I will," Jesus says "Thy will";
Radical Faith;

Azusa Street
William Seymour
Charles Finney
Smith Wigglesworth
John Alexander Dowie
John G. Lake     
George Müller 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Why does the Church ignore Pentecost?

Pentecost is arguably one of the most important holidays in Christian History.  Why does the church ignore it?

Show Notes:

Pentecost is one of the most important events in Christian History;
Jesus told us the Holy Spirit would come;
Miracles via the power of the Holy Spirit;
What does the church get excited about?;
Easter bunny and Solstice Trees;
People are known by their fruit;
Comments from my peeps;
Maybe it has it's rooted in cessationism?;
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