Saturday, February 16, 2019

Church Steeple Origins - Digging Deeper

Exploring the origins of the church steeple. Is it pagan? Does it matter?

Show Notes:

My encounter with the church steeple;
Pastor Hollywood endorses the church steeple;
Pasto Anderson claims steeples are pagan obelisks;
Is Constantine the culprit? ;
Obelisks on the ground with peculiar shapes;
GodsElectPeople says steeples are pagan;
Dallin Vetuski says the pagan roots are wrong;
Classroom.synonum article;
Pagan Christianity with Frank Viola;

Pastor Hollywood Speaks Out
Pastor Anderson Speaks
Pagan Christianity

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Prayer Discipline and Shaken Faith

My thoughts on discipline during prayer and what happens when our faith is shaken to the core.

Discipline in prayer;
Word for today';
Seeking God first instead of those things being added;
Casting down vain imaginations;
We can be our own enemy ;
Seeking god before the critical thinking;
Listen and read at the same time;
Natural tendency for our own agenda;
Don't think our own thoughts;
Josh 1.8 think God's thoughts;
God had me focus on avoiding selfishness;
Setting aside our selfish agenda;
God didn't tell us to focus on our blessings;
If we are thankful our actions will show it;
Spirit of prophets is subject to the prophets;
We control our thought life;
We cast down vain imaginations;
Know His Word;
Faith shaking events have happened to me recently;
Devil needs permission to shake our faith;
God didn't keep shadrack, mesheck, and abednego from the fire;
Devil is unwilling servant of God;
Back up and examine my faith in the fire;
Throw out the doubt and keep the Rock;
People brainwash themselves;
Build the house on the Rock;
Fire removes hypocrisy;

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

TeamJesus Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes with TeamJesus ministering at the casino, preaching at the bus stop, and sharing the gospel with the homeless.

Sharing testimonies at the Hard Rock Casino;
Preaching at the Bus stop;
Ministering to the Homeless;

Here is the YouTube Video Link