Thursday, October 10, 2019

Glynda Lomax - Prophetic Evangelism Interview

Interview with Author Glynda Lomax about the nuts and bolts of prophetic evangelism. How does getting and delivering a prophetic word actually work? Find out in this Podcast interview.

Show Notes:
Glynda shares how a Prophetic word saved her;
How did her time in the occult impact the Christian Prophetic? ;
Is it really 'prophetic' or 'being led by the Spirit'?;
The 'busyness' that keeps us from hearing God;
Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10;
Take no thought what you will say beforehand Luke 12:11-12;
How do we know where the Lord wants us to go? ;
Glynda shares her first prophetic evangelism experience;
Glynda shares how she knew it was God leading her;
Senses exercised by reason of use Hebrews 5:14
Sharing a word of knowledge example in prison ministry;
Not remembering prophetic words given while being in the spirit;
God drew Glynda while she was backslidden;
Glynda shares a prophetic word for the podcast audience;
Praying it through - the 'deadly winter' word;
Discussing open visions versus words of knowledge;
How to initiate the conversation with a word of knowledge;
Words of knowledge have something only God and they know;
Making mistakes - don't add to or take away;
What happens when we don't share the prophetic word;
Prophetic mentoring in 1 Corinthians 14;
Sources of spiritual information;
God deceives prophets Ezek 14:9;
Step out in faith and deliver the word;
Glynda prays ;

The Wilderness Companion book
Glynda's VIDEO  Testimony from 2010
Glynd'as Author Page
Glynda Lomax on Youtube
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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Clickbait Christianity - Please stop sharing ClickBait!

I have watched quite a few people putting forth outrageous claims which turn out to be outright lies and become clickbait factories. I have watched their channels grow from nothing to huge.

If something comes into my stream and sounds like it may have a grain of truth in it, I do a check to verify that it does, in fact, have some merit. Usually, these sensational claims pan out as clickbait fabrication. Christians click on it like crazy, however. Not only that, they share it like crazy and propagate the lie in the name of Christianity. This ought not to be so.

While these outrageous claims later prove to be absolutely false, their channels continue to grow with no repercussions. Kind of like all the Y2K claims, or some of the recent eschatology books that have turned out to be duds. Not to mention the many times I have survived the rapture which is continually 'prophesied' over and over.

Even when their claims are proven false, they get new suckers to follow them. Like nothing ever happened.

It is frustrating that conspiracy theories, fear tactics, and outright lies get more clicks than simple biblical truth.

I started unfollowing 'clickbait Christians' a long time ago. But every once in a while, some clickbait title pops up in my stream. I have learned to dismiss them as a rule.

I want to encourage you to not share clickbait. If you think it may have merit, verify it. There are plenty of ways to verify it online. You may be surprised that your friends and family are sharing outright lies thinking they are true. Like believing Babylon Bee articles even!

Meanwhile, as all these Christians are sharing clickbait, the world is watching. We aren't being a light, we are being stupid. Churches are closing like crazy from all this 'fakeness' and the world wants no part of the 'Clickbait Christianity' they are seeing. It isn't truth and love, but sensationalism and hysteria.

We are to be a light. Is sharing clickbait what Jesus meant by that? I think not!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Buddhists, Mormons, and Jesus | Jonnathan Zin Truong Book Interview

Jonnathan grew up Buddhist and was radically saved by Jesus Christ. He talks about his new book release which deals with the abuse that he suffered and his current relationship with God.

Show Notes:

Houston is a prophetic hub;
Born and raised Buddhist;
Jonnathan talks about his current ministry;
Challenging one another and growing;
Writing stories about his abuse with his counselor;
God healed him from dyslexia;
The brutal honesty about his abusive childhood;
The struggle putting the abuse portion is his book;
Foretelling the future while being Buddhist;
Monks thought he was a reincarnation of a buddha;
Upcoming series on prophetic evangelism;
Following the spirit in business;
Hearing and following the spirit;
Not Buddhist not Mormon - Jesus Only;
Pray and prophesy on Sundays;
Jonathan prays us out;

Jonnathan on facebook
GodManfest Website 
Buy the book