Saturday, September 11, 2021

Agape Love is the Next Step - Spiritual Progression

Agape Love is the Next Step

Going further in this series on spiritual progression. In this podcast, we are continuing our journey in spiritual progression.  From Fear, to Belief, and Now to Love.  

Show Notes:

How does Jesus define love? John 14:21-23; 
What is "hath my commandments";
What is it to "keep the commandments";
Jesus manifests to those that love Him;
Digging deeper into love 1 John 5:1-5;
Keeping the commandments of Jesus John 15:9-10;
Spiritual progression is all throughout scripture; 
Agape Love in the Greek and my perspective;
My story about dad;


Saturday, September 4, 2021

Believing God is the Next Step

Believing Jesus is the next step

 in our spiritual progression. Digging into biblical examples of belief.  Ask yourself where you fit in the biblical examples of 'believing God'. 

Believing is After Fear 

Is believing REALLY the next step AFTER fear? ;
A brief look at John 3:16;
Didn't Moses and Aaron believe God?;
Belief contrast with Matt 7:21-23 crowd;
In Jonah 3 they believed God and proclaimed a fast;
But the demons believe and tremble?;
Intellectual assent versus intimate relationship;
Daniel's example of belief;
Mark 11:21-26 about belief;
Signs of a believer;
What is eternal life anyways?;

Reexamining John 3:16 Podcast

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Real Talk Live Interactive - Interview Conrad and Joseph


We met while Evangelizing

We met Richard and Jennifer Dixon one day while we were out ministering the gospel.  Turns out they interviewed us on Real Talk Live Interactive.  They gave us permission to use the audio portion for my podcast audience.