Saturday, October 24, 2020

We are what we think - Biblical thoughts about Thinking

We become what we think about. Therefore we should endeavor to think with intention.

Video Notes on Thinking:

Faith is substance and evidence Heb 11:1;
Faith and Belief are closely related in Greek;
Jesus only did what He saw the Father do in the spiritual realm;
Is faith a spiritual substance? ;
The Mark 11 Faith Sandwich;
Our heart can think opposite of what we say Proverbs 23:7;
Thinking, speaking, to manifesting;
New Age forgets the 'Faith in God' part;
Forgiveness in the faith equation;
Judged by idle words because they show the heart;
Gal 6:7 reaping what we sow in the spirit;
worldly sorrow verses Godly sorry 2 Cor 7:10;
Martin Luther reframe from guilt to faith;
Changing our thoughts is repentance;
The metamorphosis of changing our mind Rom 12:1,2;
Watchman Nee the living sacrifice ;
Watch what we sow into ourselves because we become it;
Vain repetitions vs effective prayer;
We rehearse the same thoughts each day;

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Kevin Riordan - Spiritual Dangers of Halloween

Kevin Riordan 

Kevin has a deliverance ministry and he has first hand experience when it comes to the spiritual dangers of celebrating Halloween.

Christians Celebrating Halloween Dangers:

People do Halloween even though they know better;
Kevin's parents taught him Halloween was evil;
Anxiety attacks and Halloween;
Manifesting a demon because or Halloween participation;
Kevin's zoom deliverance online ministry;
Demon's get access subtly through Halloween participation;
Christians refusing to listen to people with experience;
Ex Satanists warn to have zero participation in Halloween;
Ignoring the spiritual aspect of Christianity;
Handing trick or treaters gospel tracts;
Have no fellowship with darkness;
Halloween is a satanic event;
Dump the 'trunk or treat';
Pastors ignorant of the demonic;
Bringing cursed objects into your home;


Kevin on Facebook
The Christian Yoga Deception 
Set Free Weekends
They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince 
The Original Facebook Post

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

How to Overcome Fear for Jesus


Overcoming Fear

Do something that scares you for Jesus! The bible has quite a bit to say about overcoming fear. 

Becoming Bold for Jesus 

Pondering 2 Timothy 1:7 ;
God hasn't given us a spirit of fear - then who did? ;
God gave us the spirit of love and power and sound mind;
Don't be a prisoner to fear, which is a prisoner of satan;
Rev 21:7,8 overcoming fear and unbelief;
the first two on the list are fear and unbelief;
if we believe we will overcome fear by love;
Preaching is to be done to unbelievers Rom 10;
We went street preaching even though we were afraid;
Do not be a prisoner to fear;
If we believe what Jesus said, we will do it;