Saturday, November 17, 2018

Back to Christian Basics

We can stray away from the fundamentals of Christianity at times. We need to get back to the basics.

Audio Podcast Show Notes:
My blog was about national repentance 2 Chron 7:14;
Fundamentals are important in football and God;
The prophetic football dream ;
Disciplining ourselves to write our dreams down;
Some major revelations are fundamental Christianity;
Proverbs 9:10 Fear of the Lord is the beginning;
Loving God above all else is fundamental;
Dad terminally diagnosed to the exact day;
Panic attacks because I relied on dad and not God;
Hollywood chews up and spits out wholesome people;
Believe- 'Pisteuo' means to 'rely upon' John 3:16;
Seeking God in Spirit and Truth;
Seeking the Spirit of God by meditating on the Word;
God came through for groceries miracle;
God came through on rent miracle;
God's plan for salvation is bigger than me;
My prophetic phone;
Seeking God in Spirit and in Truth;

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ocean Springs Speaks - The State of the Church

Interviewing the people of Ocean Springs on what they think about the current state of the church.

Going to an art festival but never made it;
Getting shut down for interviews;
An elderly navy man opines about the church;
Politics and religion;
People in Military need bibles;
A church problem? or a family problem? ;
Moms in the workforce and school dropouts;
HomeSchooling mom interview;
The word of God needs preeminence in the church;
We don't need fancy lights or fog machines;
Monologue verses dialogue;
Arrive at Art festival with lots of people;
Military Lady opines about the church;
The church is divided;
The focus should be on Jesus;
Bible not opinions;
One on one discipleship not one to many;
The Spirit and worship;
Unbelievers refused to opine;
Man on park bench opines;
We the people are the church;
Staying connected to the vine;
Shares his testimony overcoming drugs;
68-year-old lady ignored on HWY 90;

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Glenn Roseberry Testimony

Glenn Roseberry was once a successful businessman in America. He left all that to live with the poor people of Africa. I had to find out why.

Show Notes:

Salvation and pretty girls;
The monumental time of repentance;
Getting pulled out of speech class;
Falling away after a business failure;
Hearers verses doers - Rock vs Sand;
Successful business once again;
Jeff the Memphis Missionary Mentor;
Worldly Christian and the spiritual tug;
Impacted by the lives of the early church;
The Radical teachings of Jesus;
Taking to heart - Loving the 'least of these';
Juanita and the Porsche;
The radical change to be a Kingdom Christian;
Frustration with making disciples;
The radical restructuring;
Encountering Jesus while jogging;
God speaks about Africa;
The scammer in the airport;
Leading Muslims to Jesus;
Running across naked ladies;
Sharing 8 minutes in a crusade;
Manifestations of demons and salvations;

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