Friday, January 18, 2019

Be Not Many Teachers

Frustrations and revelations about Bible teachers and the Word;

James 3:1 don't be many teachers;
Jesus quizzes the doctors Luke 2:46;
Getting to the bridge before we cross it;
Jesus is The Way to the Father;
There are no loopholes with God;
Living the Torah before entering the Promise;
Priests are stewards of the Covenant;
The space between the ark and the people Joshua 3:3-5;
Separation and leadership;
Jesus spoke in parables to the hungry seekers;
To him that knows wrong and does it is sin James 4:17;
If we love Jesus we feed the sheep John 21:17 ;
Submit to God then resist the devil James 4:7;
Paul persecuted Christians before he met Jesus;
Signs confirm the Word of God Mark 16:20;
Matt 24:45 Feeding sheep in Due Season ;
Being led by the Spirit when we teach;
1 John 2:27 Need that no one teaches you;

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Focus on God - the Benefits!

Keeping our mind stayed upon God and abiding in the Vine has benefits! Audio Podcast

Audio Podcast (PODCAST HERE) Show Notes:

Experiential theology - reading then experiencing;
Keeping mind stayed upon God Isa 26:3,4;
I did a search for every 'if then' in the bible;
God gives us instruction in the night season;
Meditating on the Word is thinking on God;
The serpent bites the heels of the horse;
The storm caused Peter to lose focus on Jesus;
Intentionally bringing our thoughts back to God;
John 8:31,32 continuing in The Word and Freedom;
Joshua 1:8 meditating on the Book and success;
Kingdom suffers violence Matt 11:12,13 ;
Possessing the promises is not a cake walk;
The spirit guides us to the treasure in the field;
Psalm 91 and the abiding passages;
Intentionally dwelling in God;
Building our house upon the Rock! Matt 7:24-27;
1 Cor 3:11-15 building on Christ the Rock;
Rev 3:21 sitting with Jesus on His throne;
I have set the Lord before me Psalm 16:8;
Abiding in the vine John 15:4-8;
James 4:7,8 coming under God's mission;

Here is the video:

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Miracles in Memphis - Garry Nesbit Interview

Actual Audio of a miracle in Memphis and follow up interview with healing evangelist Garry Nesbit. Getting into the nuts and bolts of street evangelism.


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Bonnie healed from Stabbing Pain in her Back!