Thursday, February 23, 2017

Regaining our First Love

Podcast in the Park today;

William Seymore dedication to God;
Desiring to pray;
Youversion Bible straight through;
ASV Sum of the Word is Truth PS 119:160;
Spirit of truth will guide us John 16:13;
Regain our first love Rev 2;
How did we lose our first love?;
The few affects the many;
The supernatural snorkeling paradigm;
Jesus is the Way to the Father;
Have the faith of the one;
Hebrew 11:6 diligently seeking God;
What the few do affects the many;
Ezek 22:30 looking for an intercessor;

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

TeamJesus World Wide

Listen to "Team Jesus World Wide" on Spreaker.

Recapping some of the ministry we did this weekend, i realized that the body of Christ is world wide and storming the gates of hell pretty much in real time!

Praying for fisherman;
Sharing the faith outside the box;
Facebook friend came out to pray;
Encouraging, praying, and discipling each other;
Merge Memphis got our feet wet on homeless;
Lance Rowe teaches how to do street ministry;
Bus Station ministry thanks to Michael;
Kevin and Doug teach us how to approach people;
Jonny Gaston taught us about the flea markets;
Discipling is not a monologue;
Voxer is a good discipling app;
Jonny shares a testimony;
Purposely encourage each other;

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Leaven #DoesNotRock

This podcast came about as we were discussing what to do for Passover this year. We started to notice that leaven is a big problem.

Exo 12:17-20 original passover instructions;
Wigglesworth, Muller, Yun no leaven allowed;
John 15:7 abiding in the Word;
Mark 16:17 signs follow believers of the Word;
John 16:2 theologians killing believers;
Matt 23:15 theologians making children of hell;
Mar 7:5-13 traditions nullify the Word;
Ps 119:11 We need to hide the Word in our heart;
Mat 16:5-12 theologians and leaven;
John 16:13 following the Spirit of Truth;