Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jonny Gaston Testimony - Ministry Interview

Testimony and Ministry spotlight with Jonny Gaston from Frontline Online TV

+Jonny Frontline is an evangelist that went to Dallas and Baton Rouge to minister the gospel after the  recent police shootings.

In this interview:

Jonny goes from atheist to on fire believer.
Why Jonny evangelizes
How Jonny evangelizes
Testimonies in Dallas and Baton Rouge

Jonny on FaceBook
FrontLines Mobile

Friday, July 8, 2016

Stephen Barret Missionary to Japan - Ministry Spotlight

Steve is an American Christian Missionary to Japan.  We have been online friends for many years and he is doing amazing work for Jesus in Japan.

-Why Steve has a passion for Japan
-The recent earthquake tragedy
+Jay Cookingham asks "Is Japan hostile to the gospel?"
-Cultural differences
-Bible Based English Class is planting churches in Japan
-Unity from tragedy
-The church is growing
-Steve shares a prophetic experience
-Rom 10:13-15 Sending preachers to the lost
-Steve prays

Links -

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Stephen Barret on Gplus  -
Stephen Barret on Twitter -
Dynamic Church Planting International

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Revelations on Love

I found a new place to pray and seek God.  It wasn't necessarily the quietest place on earth.  In this podcast you may hear a woodpecker and you will definitely hear some cicada bugs and a plane.  I am talking about Loving God and loving our neighbor.  What does that look like?

Podcasting from the park
Cicada bugs, woodpeckers, and planes
Rocks of Revelation - What is that?
Sparks of Revelation
Revelation is Spiritual not carnal
Satan operates in rationalizing
Verifying revelation like a Berean
Remember Revelations from the Pond?
Wait upon the Lord - what is that?
Ps 46:10 Being Still
Proverbs 23:7 as a man thinketh...
James 1:5 Do you lack wisdom?
Loving God and our neighbor examined
Matt 16:24 take up cross
John 12:25 hates life will save it
1 John 2:16 flesh, eyes, pride

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