Friday, April 29, 2016

Jay Cookingham Testimony for Jesus

Testimony interview with Jay Cookingham from Strategic Fathering Ministries.
Jesus at seven years old
Abusive childhood
Alcohol and drugs
Hearing God's Voice
Strategic Fathering Ministries
Man Up Moment radio program
Courageous movie

Monday, April 25, 2016

Japan Earthquake - Stephen Barrett on the Relief Effort

Follow up Interview with Stephen Barrett about the Japan Earthquake

Thousands are displaced by the quake
The current relief effort
Christian relief
Falling through the cracks
People have lost everything
What does fifty dollars buy?
People need hope
People have lost everything

Links for Stephen -
for paypal and contact

Friday, April 22, 2016

Thinking Prophetic

This is a two part series of some observations I have on the Prophetic gifting.  The prophetic gift may be a gift, but it is certainly not a toy.  I mention a few things I have learned along the way and hope this will be helpful to those who desire a closer relationship with the Lord.  

Part One

Notes for Part One

Popular teaching verses Truth
The Example of Saul PreJesus
Do you love Jesus
Acts 4:13 they had been with Jesus
Matt 7:21-23 many prophesy without relationship
Are we qualified to judge?
Prophetic Mentors Needed
1 Cor 14:29-32 Prophetic instruction
Spirit vs Carnal
Prophesying part Puzzle
The source of the Word -
Heart Prophecies
prophetic sanctification
Imagnining prophetic
Jeremiah 23:26 heart deceit
Jeremiah 14:14 false vision
Being sent by the Lord
Ezekiel 13:6 Seen vanity
familiar spirit assignments
The generational curse
Being Born to see the king

Part Two

Notes for Part Two

Words of Knowledge and Wisdom
Gifts of The Spirit
Word of knowledge
Using the word of knowledge
Prophets that missed it
Carnal mind fights the Spirit
JOb 33 God speaks at night
Ezek 14:9 deceived prophet
Hosea 4:6 lack ignorance kills
Corporate prophetic anointing
1 Cor 14:3 Exhort and Edify
Changing definitions
Confirming words
Catapulting into our destiny

Video ONE -

Video TWO