Friday, October 20, 2017

YouVersion Benefits - Free Bible App!

I asked actual users what they like about the free Youversion Bible App. Displaying some of the many features.

Show notes:

Actual Facebook comments;
Verse of the Day is most popular feature;
Audio reading second most popular feature;
Many different versions of bibles available;
Highlighting verses in different colors;
YouVersion is a social bible app;
Great bible reading plans even in different languages;
Youversion syncs across devices;
Download your preferred version for offline reading;
Easily make custom memes with any verse;
Ability to comment and like other's posts;
Notes can be private, public, or friends only;
Many Bible Reading plans to choose from;
Daily Verse of the day notifications and email;
Listen at different speeds! ;

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Jessie Wade Interview

Jessie's ministry saves lives in Memphis TN.

We met at Exalt Jesus Memphis;
How Jessie was inspired to action;
40 days for life ;
Sidewalk Advocates for Life;
Planned parenthood and choices in Memphis;
Blessing bags with information;
Providing real solutions;
Statistics on abortion;
Training and locations;
How this has impacted Jessie;
Being a light in dark places;
Five babies saved in six weeks;
Going where the people need Jesus;
Practical - Tangible love of Jesus;
Prov 24:11-12 saving those drawn to death;

How to get started;
How to get involved;


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Chicago Gangster encountered God

This is Fred.

Fred was standing outside of Jerry Lee's handing out these handwritten tracts. I had to get his story.

I asked him why he was standing outside the store handing out tracts and he said he can't help but share the gospel. It is like fire shut up in his bones. He said he used to be a gangster in Chicago up until his encounter with Jesus. God "knocked him out" and changed everything.

Fred had a radical Encounter With Jesus Christ on December 25th, 1951. He said God 'knocked him out' and told him to get baptized and read his Bible. Fred has read the Bible hundreds of times since then.

Fred is over 90 years old. When i was talking to him, he handed out probably 20-30 hand written (photocopied) tracts.
Fred takes Jesus to the people.