Friday, March 24, 2017

Follow the Spirit

Those who follow the Spirit are the Sons of God according to Romans 8:14.  What does that mean?  Can we do it today?

Setting up my calendar;
New perspective always;
Engaging with the Spirit of Truth;
Much learning Acts 26:24;
The Spirit Variable;
Suppressing the Spirit of Truth;
John 4:24,25 Messiah will expound;
Isaiah 53:12 numbered with transgressors;
Isaiah 53:9 grave with the wicked;
John 16:13 Spirit shows us the future;
Interpretations belong to God Gen 40:8;
Rom 8:14 led by the Spirit are sons;
Praying it Through;
1 Samuel 28:6 Inquiring of God;
1 Cor 14;:29 prophesy judge;
Acts 2:17 spirit poured out on all flesh;
Heb 4:12 Word and Spirit;
Heb 5:14 Senses exercised;
John 14:26 brings to remembrance;

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Door of Temptation

I talk about beating depression in this podcast, but really, this template can be used for most forms of temptation.

Template can be used for any temptation;
 Depression Background;
 Don’t look back turnaround; ;
Passover lamb became part of the family;
Jacob’s unhealthy grief Gen 37:35;
Matt 10:37 Jesus first;
2 Cor 10:4 weapons of our warfare;
Gen 4:7 sin lies at the door;
1 Peter 5:8 devil needs permission;
1 Peter 5:9 RESIST the devil;
Matt 12:43 demons return to the house;
Luke 4:13 opportune time of temptation;
The Spirit wields the Sword Eph 6:17;
Ps 119:11 hiding the Word in our heart;
Luke 6:45 out of our heart;
The Word of our Test;
Mark 11:22 Have faith in God and speak;
Speak the Word ;

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our Authority in Jesus

I often ask #QuestionsThatRock on social media. This comes from a question that got me to praying about our Authority in Jesus.

Seeking the Truth;
John 14:6 Gotta go through Jesus;
John 16:13 Spirit of Truth guides;
It is written;
Facebook Question Here;
Author and Authority;
Challenging our beliefs;
Appealing to authority;
Luke 6:45 out of the heart;
Ryan Denlinger HERE;
Psalm 119:11 the Word should come out;
2 Cor 2:11 Satan’s devices;
Matt 28:18-20 All Authority and Power;
Family Authority;
John 8:31 Continue in the Word;
John 15:7 Abiding in the Word;