Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Examining my fruit

It is important to examine the reins of our heart for ourselves. Jesus consistently tugs on the reins of the hearts of the children of God.
With the counsel of the Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit of Truth i ask:

Am i being 'self' centered?
Am i being 'Christ' centered?
Selfish or selfless?

We shall know our own selves by the fruit that we bear. Is our tree good? Does Christ live and move in me? Do people see Jesus in me? Am i actually bearing the fruit of the Spirit discernible by those around me? What would those around me think the my motives are (ie. the reins of my heart)?

Is my message "look at me?" or "Look at Jesus"?
Do i reflect The Word? or the world?
Do i proactively love my neighbor?
Is there evidence in my life reflecting my love for the disciples of Jesus?
Do i talk it? or do I walk it?

PS - i don't claim to have this down. Jesus refers to Himself as "The Way" - not the destination. This leads me to believe we are constantly getting course corrections along "The Way".

Friday, September 8, 2017

Interview with Evangelist Jonny Gaston from REACH!

I am happy to interview Evangelist Jonny Gaston.

In this interview:
#Testimony - Jonny went from atheist to evangelist!
What is Reach?;
Why is the church lukewarm about evangelism?;
Overcoming fear with love;
Evangelism Training events;
Live video and Podcast;

Some of the links in this interview:

Reach on Facebook
Jonny on Facebook
REACH Patreon Support page

Be sure to check out the comment section in the Facebook Live Video

Jonny shares his testimony during the Baton Rouge Tragedy ON YOUTUBE

Friday, September 1, 2017

Interview with Missionary Ryan Denlinger

In this interview we talk about
Ryan's testimony;
How he does evangelism;
Testimonies of Healing;
Supernatural testimonies;
Missions in Japan;
Mission in Africa;
Ryan prays;

Ryan on Facebook
Ryan's Blog
Ryan on Instagram