Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Door of Temptation

I talk about beating depression in this podcast, but really, this template can be used for most forms of temptation.

Template can be used for any temptation;
 Depression Background;
 Don’t look back turnaround; ;
Passover lamb became part of the family;
Jacob’s unhealthy grief Gen 37:35;
Matt 10:37 Jesus first;
2 Cor 10:4 weapons of our warfare;
Gen 4:7 sin lies at the door;
1 Peter 5:8 devil needs permission;
1 Peter 5:9 RESIST the devil;
Matt 12:43 demons return to the house;
Luke 4:13 opportune time of temptation;
The Spirit wields the Sword Eph 6:17;
Ps 119:11 hiding the Word in our heart;
Luke 6:45 out of our heart;
The Word of our Test;
Mark 11:22 Have faith in God and speak;
Speak the Word ;

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our Authority in Jesus

I often ask #QuestionsThatRock on social media. This comes from a question that got me to praying about our Authority in Jesus.

Seeking the Truth;
John 14:6 Gotta go through Jesus;
John 16:13 Spirit of Truth guides;
It is written;
Facebook Question Here;
Author and Authority;
Challenging our beliefs;
Appealing to authority;
Luke 6:45 out of the heart;
Ryan Denlinger HERE;
Psalm 119:11 the Word should come out;
2 Cor 2:11 Satan’s devices;
Matt 28:18-20 All Authority and Power;
Family Authority;
John 8:31 Continue in the Word;
John 15:7 Abiding in the Word;

Monday, March 20, 2017

First Works

What is the difference between the works of the church in Acts and what we do today? What does Jesus want His church to do?

Rev 2:5 Repent and do the first Works;
The Last Reformation;
How far have we fallen?
Preach the gospel?
Romans 10:13-17 preachers are sent;
Preachers are heralds;
Gospel is to be announced to people;
Great Commission Mark 16:15-18;
Preach the gospel to THE WORLD;
Acts 1:8 Gospel spreads;
1 Cor 14:22-33 Early church meetings;
Power of God! ;
Acts 13:1-5 Early church gathering;
Carnal bible studies vs Holy Spirit led;
1 Cor 2:4 Spirit and POWER;
Acts 2:37-41 Repent and be baptized;
Acts 2:42 continuing….. Daily….;