Friday, April 14, 2017

Ishitar Rant 2017

Here we are again.

Full blown paganism in the church;
The leaders know this is wrong;
Why exclude witches, fornicators and druggies?;
Accountable for our knowledge;
Exod 32:1-6 High priests makes an idol and calls it god;
1Kgs 12:26-33 Jereboam leads people into idolatry;

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Think God Thoughts!

Thinking the thoughts of God
Woke up with negative mindset;
Kevin talked about the exact same scriptures;
A touch from God is all we need;
The Spirit lights people up;
Inserting ourselves into their environment;
Imitating Paul as he imitates Christ;
Demoniac example;
Goliath Example;
Different perceptions of the same situation;
Adopting the mind of Christ;

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ministry Recap Pensacola Menge

#TeamJesus in Pensacola this weekend.  And Menge Flea Market.

Kingdom Connections made;
Friend them on Facebook;
We met Kevin Riordan;
Street Preacher named Bruce;
People were mad at this preacher;
Vietnam Vet get's healed at a stoplight;
Not phased by rejection;
Prayed for man with a bad neck;
Prayed for people in the Laundromat;
Some people just need a hug;
Talking about Jesus at Menge;
Prayed for a lady at Menge;
Meet Doug Hanson at Menge;
Bruce and Baruch in Jeremiah;