Monday, February 12, 2018

Ex - Jehovah's Witness Bryan Jones

Testimony Interview with Ex- Jehovah's witness pastor Bryan Jones from The Cave Ministries.

Raised in Jehovah's Witness;
What life was like in JW;
Handling things within the congregation;
Disfellowshipping and moral failure;
Changing doctrine of JW;
Different bible translation;
Failed prophecies;
Jesus began ruling in 1914 Article Here ;
Armageddon ;
The 144,000;
Encounter with God changed everything;
Teen challenge;

Cave Ministries
Bryan on Facebook

Friday, February 9, 2018

EX - Jehovah's Witness Louisa McLeish

Louisa got out of the Jehovah's Witness religion after being in it for a decade. She explains what it was like from the perspective of an insider.

Jehovah's Witness at age 5;
Controlling relationships;
The auxiliary pioneer;
Keeping abuse quiet;
Getting Disfellowshipped;
The 144 thousand;
Armageddon is coming;
Soul sleep;
What they believe about Jesus;
The Watchtower society;
Rules and regulations for holiness;
The different bible;
Being in the truth and rebellion;
Getting Banned and seeking God;
Healed from Lupus and infertility;
Encountering Jesus;

Louisa on FB
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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Do you have a testimony for Jesus? Get it online!

(sharing my testimony at the park)
I encourage people to share their testimony for Jesus online. In any form. Just get it out there. Whether it be Facebook, YouTube, google plus, blogger or Vimeo - GET IT ONLINE!

Keep it succinct.

Let people know how bad it was, but don't spend all your time on how bad things were. People have a tendency to spend too much time on how bad it was. Trim the extraneous stuff.

Be brutally honest.

Do as the Lord leads, but if you say you had a drug problem, people are going to think you smoked pot when maybe you were shooting up heroine in the closet. There are people that think no one is as far gone as they are and that they are BEYOND being saved. So be brutally honest (as the Lord leads) about how bad it was so that people can truly identify with your past.


What was the experience for you actually like when Jesus changed your life? What were you thinking, feeling, experiencing? Be as specific and descriptive as you can so people know what your road to Damascus experience was like. I say this because people keep God in a box by thinking He is a God that is far off and not one that is near. They think God inspired a book centuries ago and is not moving in people's lives (especially sinners like them) today.

How have you CHANGED since?

If you have been transformed, there will be identifiable fruit in your life. What are you doing differently? What desires have changed (Ps 37:4)? How are you inspired to expand the Kingdom for Jesus?

Keep a shareable link of your testimony. 

Always keep your URL handy.  You can shorten it with URL shorteners if you want.  Share it with new people that you meet online and or in real life.

For some examples, look at the testimonies label on my blog.

I re-share these quite often on my social media to keep banging down the gates of hell. Jesus is healing, saving, and setting people free today and the world needs to know there is hope in Jesus.