Friday, February 17, 2017

Stephen Barrett planting churches in Japan

An impromptu VOXER interview with Stephen Barrett Missionary to Japan about Church planting.

Steve thanks voxer peeps for prayers;
DCPI in Japan;
Divine appointment testimony;
Japan VS America church paradigms;
200 churches disappear each year;
How God called Steve to Japan;
Presenting the gospel in Japan;
Giving up social status for Jesus;
Sin consciousness in Japan;

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ranting About Paradigms

This has been bubbling up for a while...

Elijah had his depressed moments;
Building the honeycomb;
Jezebel brings in idolatry;
Rev 2:20 suffering Jezebel;
The never ending cycle;
The root of pride;
Lucifer’s pride Isa 14:12-15;
Crucifying pride;
Parables for crowds;
Preaching the gospel Mark 16:15;
Preaching is heralding;
Matt 4:17 preaching repent;
Matt 10:27 preach on the rooftops;
Matt 11:1 Preach in cities;
Church services can be awesome;
Money for Ministry;
Business ministry;
It’s about the one;

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Love Will Keep Us Together

This podcast came out of a christian attacking another Christian on Facebook.  What is up with that?

Christians hating on social media;
Offenses must come Matt  18:7;
Jesus prayed  the Father forgive Luke 23:34;
Lay not this sin to their charge Acts 7;60 ;
Pray for abusers  Matt 5:44;
Saul was persecuting Jesus Acts 9:4;
You know not what Spirit you are of  luke 9:55;
Love has waxed cold  Matt 24:12;
John 13:35 disciples love each other;
1 john 4:20-21 loving God with our lips;
Ezek 22:30 Standing in the gap - one man;
Matt 7:12-14 love and the few;
Moses stood in the gap Exod 32:30-32;
Rom 9:1-4 Paul loved the brethren too;