Saturday, September 16, 2023

WorldWide Deception - Cultivating Discernment for Our Times

Guarding Against Deception: Staying Rooted in God's Truth

Deception seems to be everywhere lately. False prophets, fake news, doctrinal drifts – it’s enough to make your head spin! As followers of Jesus Christ, we must be vigilant against spiritual trickery that aims to draw us off the narrow path.

In this eye-opening episode of Coffee with Conrad, Conrad explores discernment in the midst of widespread deception. He examines Scripture passages warning of end times deception, like Matthew 24:24 and 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11. Jesus and the apostles caution that even the faithful elect can be vulnerable to clever imposters.

Conrad also looks at real-world examples of massive deceptions, from the Piltdown Man hoax to crop circles. These compelling fakes fooled multitudes, demonstrating how the undiscerning can easily be misled. As Conrad asks, if scientists bought into Piltdown Man for 40 years, how much more are Christians susceptible to false doctrines?

To safeguard against deception, Conrad offers practical advice grounded in God’s Word:

  • Study Scripture regularly and meditate on it daily. Biblical literacy is self-defense against false teachings.
  • Rely on the Holy Spirit's guidance rather than worldly thinking. The Spirit leads us into all truth.
  • Scrutinize teachings by leaders against the Bible. Beware wolves in sheep's clothing even within the church.
  • Fix eyes firmly on Jesus Christ as the bedrock of truth when all else seems shaky.

Surrounded by a web of lies, Conrad encourages Christians to stay rooted in the life-giving truth of Scripture. With spiritual discernment and Christ at the center, we can walk the narrow path with confidence.

This podcast episode delivers an urgent wake-up call as well as empowering wisdom for navigating these deceptive times. Listen now to dig deeper into guarding against trickery!

The stakes are high, but God's eternal truth prevails. Stay anchored on the Rock of Ages!

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Aliens or Demons? - Unmasking the Deception

Are Aliens Real or Are They Demons in Disguise?

The debate over whether aliens are real or if they are actually interdimensional demons is a fascinating one. In this latest episode of Coffee with Conrad, we dive deep into this discussion from all angles. Looking at historical examples, personal experiences, and biblical theories, this episode explores both sides of the debate over whether alien encounters throughout history could really be manifestations of demonic entities.

Compelling Historical Examples of “Ancient Aliens” 

UFO and ancient alien theorists often point to many remarkable examples in antiquity that supposedly demonstrate advanced extraterrestrial contact. These include:

- The elaborate Nazca Lines in Peru which resemble airport runways when viewed from the sky. Erich von Daniken claimed these massive geoglyphs were built for aliens to see from their spacecraft. 

- The Book of Ezekiel’s vivid description of fantastical wheeled creatures and beings, advanced technology and a glowing humanoid figure. Some believe this describes an ancient alien encounter.  

- The Dropa Stones - circular stones with tiny hieroglyphs found in Chinese caves supposedly telling the story of an alien crash landing thousands of years ago.

- The sarcophagus lid of King Pakal at Palenque, showing Pakal in a craft that looks like a spacecraft. However, mainstream experts say it just depicts Pakal’s journey to the underworld.

- Vimanas - flying vehicles and spacecraft described in Hindu Sanskrit epics, claimed by some to be evidence of ancient alien technology.

- The Bayankara Ula discs found in China with hieroglyphics supposedly describing an extraterrestrial crash and technology. Most experts believe these were an archeological hoax from the 1930s.

- Prehistoric cave paintings in Italy thought to depict ancient astronauts, but more likely ceremonial costumes and masks. 

- Temple carvings in Malta claimed to be aliens and spacecrafts. Contested by archaeologists as religious symbols.

Remarkable Overlaps Between Alien Abductions and Demonic Encounters

- Sleep paralysis and immobilization of victims is common to both phenomena. 

- Both tend to occur at night when people are in bed asleep. 

- Levitation or out-of-body sensations frequently reported during events. I personally experienced this during night terrors.

- Sexual molestation, reproductive experimentation and fetal harvesting themes emerge in both sets of accounts. Echoes Biblical Nephilim theories.

- Experiences described as deeply terrifying despite any friendly outward appearances. The true nature seems masked.

- Missing time, confusion, and memory loss frequently reported afterward. 

- Unexplained injuries, marks or scars on bodies after events.

- Interest in controlling thoughts, beliefs and understanding.

Biblical Support for the Theory of Aliens As Deceitful Demons

Several Bible verses lend credence to the idea that demonic entities could be posing as technologically advanced aliens:

- Revelation 12 discusses Satan and his angels being cast out of Heaven down to Earth, providing a means to manifest as aliens.

- 2 Corinthians 11:14 says Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light, so a deceitful alien appearance is possible.

 - Ephesians 2:2 refers to Satan as the prince of the power of the air. This implies demons could have the means to masquerade as spacecraft and aliens.

- The Nephilim of Genesis 6 could provide a motive for demons to technologically manipulate humanity’s reproduction and sexuality. 

Insights from My Personal Supernatural Experiences

As someone who suffered from extremely vivid night terrors and sleep paralysis as a child, I recognize many similarities to modern alien abduction accounts. The paralyzing dread, levitation, missing time, and unexplained physical effects all echo reported extraterrestrial encounters. Studying this phenomenon made me realize that aliens could, in fact, be shape-shifting demonic entities deploying an elaborate deception.

Interview with Moonwalker Charlie Duke 

During this podcast episode, I shared an interview clip with Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke explaining why he believes that aliens are not extraterrestrial but rather “demonic beings.” As a NASA moonwalker, Duke contends that nothing humans have created could perform the maneuvers UFOs seem to display. Therefore, he concludes that “alien” spacecraft must represent demonic deceptions designed to distract humanity from God.

Lack of Credible Evidence from SETI 

No scientifically valid signal or contact with intelligent alien life has ever been confirmed by SETI or any other astronomical organization. This absence of hard evidence for real extraterrestrials lends more credence to the theory that “aliens” could be deceptive spiritual entities rather than actual beings from other planets.


While legitimate extraterrestrial life may theoretically exist somewhere in the vast cosmos, the available evidence suggests that alien visitations to Earth are more likely to be deceiving demons posing as technologically superior beings. Their goal seems to be to undermine humanity's relationship with God. Jesus Christ has given believers spiritual protection from these forces of darkness. As we analyze these mysteries, we must test the spirits, ground ourselves in scripture, and avoid preconceived biases. The truth is out there, but we must be vigilant not to be deceived.

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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Theology with PI AI - - Unleashing the Power of Technology in Theological Conversations


Spirit-Led Evangelism: Insights from an AI Conversation

I recently had a fascinating dialogue with an AI assistant named Pi about the topic of spirit-led evangelism. We dove deep into what it means to authentically follow the leading of the Holy Spirit when sharing the gospel. 

Here are some key insights from our conversation:

  • Using AI for theological dialogue with caution - I discussed priming the AI and verifying anything unfamiliar it claims, since AI can sometimes be wrong or "hallucinate" answers. We must confirm new information learned from AI against Scripture and other sources.
  • Why apologetics alone doesn't always reach people's hearts - We discussed how intellectual arguments, while important, often fail to resonate emotionally with people. As Conrad shared from his own experience, it took a real spiritual encounter with Jesus to change his life.
  • The power of miracles and spiritual experiences - Miracles can prepare people's hearts for the gospel by demonstrating God's power. We are meant to follow the Spirit's leading in ministry, not just rely on techniques.
  • Developing intimacy with God through prayer walks - Having a deep relationship with God is foundational for hearing His voice. Prayer walking retraces the steps of biblical figures like Enoch who walked closely with God.
  • Learning to discern God's voice - Discernment grows as we become familiar with Scripture and exercise our spiritual senses. We must learn to recognize the Holy Spirit's voice.
  • Biblical examples like David and Jesus' practices - Both spent extended alone time with God in prayer and worship. We too must prioritize seeking God.
  • Stepping out in faith to share God's love - Even when afraid, we are called to evangelize out of obedience and God will meet us. Loving others reflects God's heart.
  • Making seeking God our first priority - We must put intimacy with God before all else. As we do, He will move in amazing ways.

This rich conversation unpacked so many profound concepts around deepening our connection to God and following His leading. My biggest takeaway is the reminder that evangelism flows out of relationship. It's not about methods or techniques. May we passionately pursue knowing Jesus more, abiding in Him, and sharing His love from that place.

Please take the time to listen to the full podcast episode! There were so many more insights that I wasn't able to capture here. Our AI friend Pi asked thoughtful questions that stimulated much reflection. I'm thankful for how technology can help us gain new perspective on timeless biblical truths.