Monday, September 19, 2022

How to give words of knowledge in public

 Public Words of Knowledge

In this video, I share some of the things I have learned on how to give a word of knowledge in the public marketplace. 


I am always looking for an opportunity; 
Getting prepared with mentors;
Discerning the difference between heart and spirit;
Words of knowledge are for the gospel;
Sources of spiritual information;
If the word persists it is confirmation; 
I ask if they know what the prophetic is;
Miracles only happen if you open your mouth;
I share two recent examples of words of knowledge in public;

Scriptures referred to:
1 Corinthians 14; Acts 13: 1-4; Acts 16; Hebrews 5:14;  

More on words of knowledge

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Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Illusion of Competence - A Christian perspective

This is a big problem...

... in the Christian Community. In this episode, I illustrate what the Illusion of Competence is, and how we can rectify this problem in our own lives.  

Illusion of Competence podcast

Show Notes:

People are not aware of this;
What is the Illusion of competence?;
My experience with the illusion of competence;
Scriptures that illuminate this problem;
How the Illusion relates to the Learning Pyramid;
How can we apply this in our Christian walk? ;

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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Pat Hodges - Prophetic Pitfalls


Pat Hodges from Omega Ministries TX  discusses some of the pitfalls in the prophetic.  

Here is the raw video interview

Show Notes:
How we met;
Pat shares a testimony - he almost died;
Disobedience causes God's hand to lift a little;
Multinational zoom ministry and home meetings;
Prophetic pitfalls;
Do not assume everything you hear is God;
The different spiritual voices;
Prophets don't know everything;
Only address what God wants you to address;
Discernment is paramount;
Delivering a word without embarrassment;
Recipient of the word's responsibility;
Pray into God's will and give Him permission;
Discovering your calling;
Own your calling;
Function not title;
Don't try to psychologically figure it out;
Pray that you may interpret;
Spirit doesn't violate The Word;
The Chinese food example;
Your gift can activate without God leading;
Turbulence doesn't mean it isn't God;
Getting rid of the fear of man;
Prophetic people have much rejection;
Fear of man compromises the word;
Embracing Truth - not just hear it;
Discerning the Body;
From the church age to the Kingdom Age;
Signs shall follow them that believe in His Name;
Releasing the Word for healing;
Prophetic word illuminates truth for freedom;
The cannonball prophetic word;
Take the focus off of ourselves;
Parking lot healing ministry in Tulsa;
Houston and Dallas are prophetic hot spots;
Don't judge people according to the flesh;
Write down dreams;
Zoom Meetings and Home meetings;
Pat prays us out;
God sends mentors ;
Bob Jones divine appointment;