Saturday, October 16, 2021

Walking Out Deliverance - Is like Driving a Car


Walking out deliverance a lot like getting a driver's license.

Walking out Deliverance is like Driving a car:

Driving a car is awesome freedom;
We need to know that driving is possible;
The desires of our heart - from the Father PS 37:4;
Mark 11:21-26 desiring in prayer;
Faith in God, not something else;
Find a proven mentor;
John 8:31-32 If is a condition;
Making disciples in Matt 28:18-20;
Sons of Sceva were not authorized;
James 1:22 do the word or we are deceived;
There is a test before victory;
Put the armor on before battle Eph 6;
Reward for diligently seeking God Heb 11:6;
Tests Ex 20:20 Deut 8:16;
There is a hedge the devil cannot pass;
Garry got delivered in one moment of stage 4 cancer;
2 Tim 2:4,5 warring requires focus;
Striving to do it lawfully;
Still struggling? Just continue;
2 Tim 2 recovering ourselves ;

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Saturday, October 9, 2021

The Next Step Method - turning notes into ACTION!!!

The Next Step method 

The Next Step Method is a technique that highlights gaps in our knowledge and steers us where to go next in our studies.

Show Notes :

I am handing you a 'dig deeper' shovel;
PROBLEM - I never revisited my highlights or notes;
The Next Step Method makes learning exciting again;
Capture all highlights, notes, and epiphanies;
Start studying new things in your call;
Google Keep for capturing everything;
Momento app transcribes podcasts;
All notes and highlights into Readwise;
Personal Knowledge Management - Obsidian;
The Next Step Method highlights gaps in knowledge;
The Next Step Method shows where to study next;
Spaced repetition and Active Recall;
HabakKuk 2:2 run with the writing;


OBSIDIAN Personal Knowledge Management

MOMENTO for podcasts - 

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Supernatural Christianity - Garry Nesbit Interview

Living the Supernatural Christian Lifestyle

Interview with Healing Evangelist Garry Nesbit on what it is like to live the Supernatural Christian lifestyle.  We talk about the supernatural - spiritual things of God.  

Facebook Video Live Interview

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