Saturday, March 2, 2024

From Spinning Plates to Sowing Seeds - Be fruitful for the Kingdom not just busy

Living a Life of Kingdom Purpose 

Do you ever feel like you're just spinning plates?

 Rushing from one task to another, putting out fires, yet not moving closer to your kingdom calling? As followers of Christ, we're commissioned to bear fruit and make disciples. Yet it's so easy to get caught up in busyness rather than purposeful building of God's kingdom. 

In the podcast "From Spinning Plates to Sowing Seeds," Conrad challenges us to shift from a mentality of checking tasks off a list to one focused on leaving a legacy. What if we evaluated our activities not based on urgency but rather their capacity to nurture our faith and serve others?  

Jesus' parable of the sower illustrates that seeds landing on good soil multiply exponentially. As Conrad explains, "We need to find receptive hearts to sow the seed of the gospel into." This begins with building relationships, creating safe spaces for spiritual conversations to unfold. Rather than a transactional gospel sharing, we must invest in people, watering the seeds planted in their lives.

Conrad reminds us "the goal is to multiply believers who will in turn sow seed into others." Discipleship is a relay race where we pass the baton we've been handed to up-and-coming runners. Imagine the generational impact if we poured into mentees with the seriousness of Paul's investment in Timothy!  

What might it look like for you to shift toward a kingdom mindset this week? Could you have an iron-sharpening talk with a spiritually hungry friend? Is there a new believer you could begin walking alongside in deeper ways? small acts, when multiplied by the Spirit, birth big change. 

The time we've been given is precious. May we steward it well for the sake of the King and His coming kingdom. The fields are ripe for harvest–let's prayerfully sow kingdom seeds today.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Reach God Through the Storm - Tap Into the Spirit Realm


Hearing God's Voice Above the Storm

When life throws you a curveball, do you struggle to hear God's guidance through the anxious chaos in your mind? You're not alone. 

Many of us instinctively turn to prayer in difficult times, desperately seeking answers and direction. But amidst the inner turmoil, God's voice can feel drowned out. 

What if I told you there's a secret to breaking through the barriers of your racing thoughts to clearly connect with God's Spirit? A way to tap into the realm where prayers are powerfully answered and miracles unfold?

In this podcast, you'll discover:

Why Intellect-Driven Prayer Falls Short

When consumed by a heavy problem, it's natural to immediately begin praying for a solution or relief. But caught in the storm of your carnal mind, it's easy for your petitions to feel ineffective. 

As the Apostle Paul explains, our earthly understanding is limited when it comes to spiritual matters. While praying intellectually has its place, reasoning and analysis can only take you so far.

The Power of Praying in the Spirit

In contrast, praying in the Spirit enables a deeper connection with God that transcends intellectual constraints.

By surrendering all distractions and attachments to outcomes, you open yourself up to be guided by the Spirit. This is where true revelation flows.

As you commune with the Holy Spirit, you gain access to divine wisdom, direction, and intervention that logic alone cannot attain. Miracles happen in this spiritual realm.

Cultivating Sensitivity to God's Voice 

Hearing God's voice above your inner chaos takes practice, especially when emotions run high.

Seasons of stability are crucial for developing intimacy with the Holy Spirit, so His voice becomes unmistakable when storms hit.

As you continually pray in the Spirit, you'll gain discernment to know you've connected to the biblical God, not misleading spirits.

Testimonies to Inspire Breakthrough

From making rent to getting groceries when funds ran out, I've experienced God break through to provide in response to urgent prayers aligned with His Spirit.

While intellect-driven prayer has its place, I've found accessing the spiritual realm the most powerful way to experience God's intervention.

I want to encourage you to explore this realm for yourself. As you make the shift to Spirit-led prayer, expect new levels of breakthrough!

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Speaking to Your Mountain - Bold Declarations of Faith!


Speaking to your Mountain

In Mark 11:21-26, we find an often-misinterpreted and misapplied passage about the power of our words and the faith to back them up. Specifically, Jesus tells his disciples that if they speak to a mountain, telling it to be lifted up and thrown in the sea, it will happen for them.

The "Name It and Claim It" Crowd

Of course, this verse gets pulled out of context by the "Name It and Claim It" prosperity gospel folks. They focus only on the part about speaking to mountains, forgetting the sandwich bread - which is having faith in God first and operating in forgiveness second. They want to "name and claim" cars, houses, and bling without any thought of delighting in and having faith in God.

Missing the "Have Faith in God" Part

Jesus begins this teaching by pointing back to the fig tree that he had cursed, which then withered. He tells them in verse 22 to "Have faith in God." Our faith and expectations must be grounded in who God is and what God can do. But the New Age movement grabs verses like this and teaches people they can become their own "god" and manifest their will by the power of their words. They leave out the vital component - keeping our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Forgiveness Activates God's Power

The other half of the "faith sandwich" that gets left out is forgiving others. Jesus says in verse 25 that when we stand praying, we should forgive anyone we're holding something against. Unforgiveness blocks prayers and our ability to walk fully in kingdom authority. Simply being mad at your mother-in-law will not empower you to curse mountains! We have to walk free from offense and bitterness if we want to see supernatural results.

So next time you hear someone quoting the "mountain-moving" verse, ask them about the bread. Are they delighting in God first and operating in forgiveness second? The right heart posture activates the promise and brings breakthrough! Let's speak God's Word over our obstacles today.