Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finding the Narrow Path - A Journey of Faith and Perseverance

Revelation from a Hike

In this video, I share a personal experience that led to a profound spiritual insight. My journey, both physical and spiritual, serves as a metaphor for our Christian walk of faith.

Exploring New Paths

I share my adventure of exploring new paths while walking and biking around the bayous in Houston. This exploration is symbolic of our spiritual journey, where we often venture into unknown territories in our walk with God.

The Narrow Path

During my bike ride, I discover a narrow path that continues down the bayou. This discovery leads me to reflect on the biblical concept of the "narrow path" that Jesus talks about in the scriptures.

Perseverance in Trials

 I acknowledge the tough times many of us are going through, including myself. I encourage you not to quit when you reach what seems like the end of your journey, but to seek and find the narrow path that leads to continued spiritual growth.

The Spirit of God as Our Guide

Drawing parallels with Columbus who kept going despite opposition, I urge you to follow the Spirit of God, look for the narrow path, and discipline yourselves to stay on it.

The Reward After Trials

 I affirm that on the other side of trials and tribulations is our reward. I emphasize the importance of prayer, worship, service, and love for God during these challenging times.


In the face of trials and tribulations, finding and staying on the narrow path can lead us to spiritual growth and reward. As my journey illustrates, it's about persevering, seeking, and knocking, even when the world tells us to quit. So let's dig deeper and go higher in our spiritual journey.

**Note:** This blog post contains an embedded video titled "Finding the Narrow Path". Please watch the video for a more detailed understanding of the topics discussed in the post. Enjoy and be inspired!

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  1. Short but powerful!! This is so true. It is said that a test of our character is what it takes to make us give up.

    Thanks for reminding us that we should keep going, keep choosing right and not to give up so easily!!