Monday, October 25, 2010

The Holy Bible: King James Version [MP3 CD]

This bible has changed my life!

I want to boast about one of the products that has helped me in my Christian walk tremendously.  It is  The Holy Bible: King James Version read by Alexander Scourby on MP3 CD. 

Alexander Scourby  was  an American film, television, and voice actor noted for his deep and resonant voice.  He is long since gone but his memory lives on in his reading of the KJV bible.  

Faith comes by hearing, and I have this mp3 audio bible playing continuously building my faith.  I can listen to the whole bible in about 72 hours.  If I  am unfamiliar with a particular prophet I can simply play that book on repeat.  Or I can do the same thing with passages in which I want to become more familiar.  

One of the reasons I endorse the King James Version is that I think in KJV vernacular already.  So when I am looking up a verse by doing a word search I can use any number of the public domain sources available.  So many other references are keyed to the KJV already.   The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.  and  The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible  as well as  Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words  are already keyed to the King James Version.  

There is no distracting music to throw off my concentration.  I have listened to other bibles and they often will dramatize it with music or  get actors to alter their voices, and this is very distracting.  Alexander Scourby is speaking in what I like to think sounds like a King James Accent from beginning to end.  There may be a small musical intro and outro at the beginning and ending of books but this is merely a cue that the book is beginning or ending.

My Dad introduced the habit of listening the bible to me. He had to listen to it on cassettes and I remember he wore those cassettes out.  With the mp3 Discs, they don't wear out like cassettes.  You can transfer them to your mp3 player or listen  in your car without the limitation of having to only listen to one hour or so on a cassette.  Since these discs work by  laser light they can last indefinitely.

I also had a WAV format bible previously.  Those have limitations.  I had dozens of cd's and I had to keep switching them in and out.  It got to be a real pain, and I didn’t go through the whole bible as quickly as I do with MP3 format.  So MP3 is the way to go.

I am very grateful for this awesome bible tool.  Because of it, I am more familiar with the bible than I would be in the small amount of comparative reading i do.

Get one now!  You will be glad you did!

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  1. Conrad, I just posted a blog about the KJVer... I love the KJV and this bible does not change the text it is really an awesome bible. Check it out here:

    BTW I love your videos!