Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holy Refreshment! A Prophetic Vision During Worship

 Holy Refreshment! A Prophetic Vision During Worship 

You might've seen my tweet this morning about worry being a state of mind, not a reflection of our circumstances.  It's all about perception, people!  Even with wealth, worry can creep in. 

Speaking of God working in amazing ways, I just gotta share this incredible experience I had right after church.  The sermon was titled "Anxious for Nothing: How the Spirit of God Works," and let me tell you, the Holy Spirit was definitely working! 

While I was lost in worship, completely in the spirit, I received a vision straight from Heaven. Picture this: a giant orange bucket overflowing with Gatorade being poured down on me!  It was like a refreshing downpour of God's grace. 

Now, you know I love football, and what happens when you win a championship? Gatorade bath!  The symbolism hit me like a lightning bolt.  This wasn't just about refreshment, friends.  This was a vision of victory!  We're not just being refreshed in God's presence, we are victorious in His name! 

This experience is a powerful reminder that God speaks to us in incredible ways – visions, dreams, even everyday objects.  The Holy Spirit can use anything to deliver a profound message.  

Feeling encouraged?  Want a deeper connection with God?  Then dive deeper into this message! Let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart.  Don't forget to keep digging deeper in prayer and soaring higher in your faith!

And hey, if you're curious about exploring more about the supernatural side of our walk with God, check out my book, "Open Your Eyes: My Supernatural Journey."  It's available on Amazon, and trust me, it rocks for Jesus! 

Let's rejoice in this refreshing from God and celebrate the victories that await us in Christ! 

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  1. It is a lack of trust in God that drives one to WORRY. God wants us to trust Him for ALL our needs. We are more valuable to Him than the birds that fly and the flowers that grow. He provides for the birds and flowers so how much more will He provide for us. Why invest your time in worrying and fretting when you can, with one simple prayer give your worries to God. All you have to do is ask Him to help you live a life of FAITH and joy. Worry can’t change anything but the prayers of the faithful will.