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Beyond Miracles: Why Relationship with God is Key for the Prophetic

Hearing from God: A Must for Christians Who Prophesy, Heal, and Deliver

Hey everyone, Conrad here from Today, we're going to dive into a topic that's been on my heart lately: relationship, hearing the voice of God, and obeying Him. This is especially important for those interested in the prophetic. 

Let's jump right in with scripture. Luke 8:21 tells us, "My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it."  For several years, I've been meditating on Matthew 7:21-23, and recently, the Lord revealed something powerful to me that I want to share with you.

Hearing from God is Key

One of the ways we hear from God is through scripture. Jesus is the Word, and meditating on scripture is like meditating on the way, the truth, and the life (John 1).  The Spirit of Truth guides us into all truth, and it's an amazing experience when God illuminates a scripture for you. 

But what about those in Matthew 7:21-23? They called Jesus "Lord" and did many wonderful works, yet Jesus said He never knew them.  Why? Because they weren't hearing His voice. True Christians are those who operate in the spirit (Romans 12:1). 

Seeing and Hearing in the Spirit

John 5:19 tells us Jesus does what the Father does. He sees the Father doing something and then does it Himself. Jesus also only says what the Father teaches Him (John 8:28).  Jesus lived a life completely obedient to the Father. 

Just as Jesus operated in the spirit, so should we.  Romans 8:14 tells us those who are led by the Spirit are children of God.  We must have a relationship with God, who is a Spirit (John 4:24). This means a Christian is someone who hears and sees the Father in the spiritual realm. 

The Importance of Relationship

The people in Matthew 7 didn't have a relationship with God and thus didn't do His will.  They weren't hearing from Him.  While the written scripture is important, it's not the only way God speaks to us. 

Disobeying God is Iniquity

Here's a powerful point the Lord revealed to me: not doing the will of the Father is the same as working iniquity (disobeying God).  Many people prophesy, cast out demons, and do miracles, but are they hearing from God? 

Let's look at prophesying. Jeremiah 14:14-16 tells us of prophets prophesying lies in God's name. God didn't send them, and the people they prophesied to would be judged.  These prophets were working iniquity by not hearing from God. 

Casting Out Demons Requires Discernment

Even casting out demons can be working iniquity. Mark 16:17 says that believers will cast out demons, but it doesn't say they're obligated to cast out every demon they encounter.  Consider Acts 16:16-18. Here, Paul encountered a demon-possessed woman but waited days before casting it out. 

Miracles Are Not a Guarantee of Following God's Will

The Antichrist will perform miracles (2 Thessalonians 2:9).  Just because someone does miracles doesn't mean they're following God's will.  The disciples wanted to call down fire from heaven, but Jesus rebuked them (Luke 9:54-56). They needed to hear from God first. 

Hearing from God is Essential

For those interested in the prophetic, this is crucial. We need a relationship with God, hear His voice through the Spirit, and obey Him.  Many supernatural experiences can be deceiving. 

Closing Thoughts

I encourage you to meditate on these concepts and pray for the discernment to hear from God.  If this resonated with you, please share it with others! 

Until next time, dig deeper, go higher!  

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