Friday, February 26, 2016

Prayer Outreach Beale St Memphis TN #TeamJesus

I am not able to film all the stuff that we do during the "Free Prayer" outreach.  But here is a clip of what we do during the slow moments.  Beale St is lit up at like Vegas at night and it is quite a mesmerizing place to minister. I can see why people go there.

We go there because it is the heartbeat of Memphis.  To change a city, we must change it’s heart.

We are making some Christian friends that are employees on Beale St.  We think of them as sentinels of Beale St for Jesus.  We are hoping to find a way to get free parking, because parking can get expensive if there is an event nearby. The more expensive parking is, however,  the more people there are to minister to.

We gave away 3 care packages this last Wednesday and got to chat with each person we gave the packets to. Our goal is to not just give them care packets but to give them Kingdom keys that can transform their lives. We want to get them on fire for Jesus and for that fire to be contagious. They were eager for prayer and hungry for someone just to talk to them. They are ignored by so many people, that they often light up for any type of conversation.   We like to talk about the life transforming power of #Jesus.

One man was from Houston and he really desired prayer.  We talked to him for quite some time. One of the awesome things about that encounter is we had some resource pages so that he could find a place to stay and get a warm meal :-).

We found this one man sitting all by himself he seemed sad and lonely. We spent quite some time speaking with him and prayed for him.  The Lord told me to give him a hug. His face lit up and he hugged all three of us.  The hugs seemed to do something miraculous for him. He began to smile and even laugh after that.

We post these videos to inspire you to change your neighborhood and cities for Jesus.

We are at a precipice in history.

It is time for #TeamJesus to rise up!

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