Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Groaning Intercession - Daniel Nash

What is Groaning Intercession?

This all started with the verse of the day on YouVersion.  I used to groan in prayer early in my walk with God and many found it strange.  Groaning intercession is biblical.   I read an article that highlights the Prevailing Prince of Prayer that was interceding for Charles Finney during the greatest revival in American History.  His name is Daniel Nash.

Groaning Intercession Show Notes:

Romans 8:26 groaning prayer;
Praying it through;
Genesis 32:24-32 Jacob wrestled all night;
1 Thess 3:10 praying night and day;
Luke 2:37 fasting and prayers night and day;
Luke 18 men ought to always pray;
Luke 11 Importunity in prayer;
Jesus groaned in the spirit John 11:33,38;
Charles Finney and Daniel Nash;
The prevailing prince of Prayer;
Charles Finney meets Daniel Nash;
Nash was struck with inflamed eyes;
Going for the lost sheep for whom no man cared;
Preparing the way with intercession;
Link to Article:  http://snip.ly/7aude

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