Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Humility and Fear

Prayer walk on October 7th;
https://www.instagram.com/conradcarriker ;
1 Peter 3:15 Sanctify God in our hearts;
Unite Stoke Activate USA;
Intellectual argument won't change people;
Passion Blasts Through Obstacles;
WE need to be living what we want;
Matt 6:14,15 forgiving attitude;
Maintain the ground we won;
Matt 12:43-45 devil comes back with friends;
Gal 5:6 Faith works by love ;
Doctrine accountability;
Rich young ruler turned away from Jesus;
1 John 2:15 love not the world;
Pop Theology #DoesNotRock;
Enduring Sound Doctrine;
2 Timothy 4:2-5  itching ears;
Presuppostions cause us to ignore the bible;
Bible chopping https://youtu.be/nudtKU6mHkA ;
Acts 20:26-31 full counsel of God;
Rom 14:4  judgest another man's servant;
Pain seeks a solution - a Kingdom Key;
Matt 5:14-16 light of the world;
James 1:22 doers of the world;
1 Peter 3:15 meekness and fear;

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