Thursday, November 3, 2016

Enjoying Life as a Christian!

show notes:

Biblical Illiteracy;
Asking Jesus for the right paradigm for the moment;
we are salt and light;
Rev 12:11 loving not their lives unto the death;
Eternal life verses the short term view;
These signs follow them that believe Mark 16:17-18;
Laodicean church potential VOMIT - Revelation 3:14-22;
Go back to the first love;
Reverse Engineering good fruit;
Christ living in me Gal 2:20
Delighting in God and He gives desires Psalm 37:4;
Matt 16:24-26 deny himself take up the cross;
Walking after the Spirit and Not the Flesh Romans 8:1;
From wicked heart to pure heart .....
Moses chose to suffer with the Hebrews Heb 11:24-26
John 12:24-26 dying for fruit;

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