Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Prophetic Activation

The Kingdom building Key of Prophetic Activation.

We are saved to expand the kingdom;
Shun the selfish doctrines;
Continuing in the Word of Jesus John 9:31;
John 4:4-26 woman at the well activation;
 Must needs go through an unlikely place;
Prophetic treasure hunting;
Paul and the Man from Macedonia Acts 16;
Prophetic activation for Truth;
The gift inside people needs to be unlocked;
Kyle’s Prophetic Activation ;
Bruce Parks Revival House;
Spirit led worship;
God gives seed to the Sower 2 Cor 9:10;
What if the word was not sowed? ;
Matt 13:3-9 sower of the word parable;
1 Cor 13:9 we prophesy in part;
1 cor 14:21-25  prophetic activation example;
Faithful in little ruler over much Matt 25:23;

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