Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Selfish Fire

From Strange Fire to Authentic Fire to Selfish Fire....
What is the root of all the fuss between cessation and continuation?

Michael Brown Authentic Fire;
John Mac Arthur Strange fire ;
Know them by their fruits;
Phil Johnson Video ;
We need to make the tree good;
The selfish root;
Deut 8:18 wealth is for the covenant ;
Keep our selfish bodies under subjection;
Phil 2:3-4; Rom 12:10;  1Cor 10:24; Gal 6:2;
Take  focus off of ourselves;
Humility , think of ourselves less;
Actually bearing  burdens;
Jas 4:1-4; 1 Timothy 6:5; 2Tim 3:2-5;
Jude 1:16-18 ;
We are allowing our flesh to read the bible;
selfishness causes self deceit;
Selfishness in prayer;
Matt 6:9-13 Lord's prayer model;

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