Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dying Daily

Remember that first time you read the Sermon on the Mount?  What did you think?

Jeremiah scroll was burned Jeremiah 36;
Do we value the Word of God? ;
Heidi Baker Book ;
Beatitudes & Sermon on the Mount;
I die daily  1 Cor 15:31;
Christ lives in me Gal 2:20 ;
Who is on the throne of your heart?;
Is 28:10,11 meditating on the precepts;
Josh 1:8 meditating on the law;
Psalm 119:15 meditate precepts ;
From worry to faith;
Learning from the poor;
George Muller Book ;
Pursuit of Jesus causes holiness;
Rev 3:12 Overcoming Pillar;
Rev 3:21 Overcome sit with Jesus;
Pastor Howard's dream;
Matthew 11:29,30 yoke up with Jesus;

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