Monday, April 3, 2017

ON Faith!

This is a podcast that you will want to share and save.  This comes from experiential theology and biblical theology.  There are Kingdom Keys in the bible ! This is on Faith!

Experiential Theology vs Biblical Theology;
Talking to God as a kid;
Satan sows doubt and unbelief
First person relationship is important.
People are depending on us;
Ecc 10:19 money answers all things;
Girl with issue of blood;
Tragic endings selfish lust;
Mal 4:2 Healing in His Wings; Stephen Barrett;
Having Faith in God;
Mark 11:21-26  faith passage;
Spiritual dialogue;
Coffee shop faith example;
Prov 10:22 rich with no sorrow;
 Deut 8:18 wealth is for the covenant;
Sower sows the word;
Is 58:14 delight thyself in the Lord
Ps 37:4 delighting in the Lord and desire;
Give him your car! ;
Possessing the promise;
I have come for your words!
From faith to faith and the word;
Prayer for agreement;
James 4:1 ask and receive within the will of God;

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