Friday, April 7, 2017

Stomping Iniquity

Jesus wants us to be victorious when it comes to Iniquity.

Let's not resolve to be iniquitous;
Rom 9:20 don't yell at the Potter;
Is 22:14 iniquity not purged til death;
Isaiah 53:5  bruised for our iniquities;
Ps 18:23 keeping ourselves from iniquity;
Quote and meditate on the Sword! ;
Iniquities attract sinful thoughts;
Josh 1:18 good success with the Word!;
Ps  66:18 Regarding iniquity in our hearts;
2 tim 2:22-26 Repentance!
Flee lust and follow righteousness;
Daniel 4:27 Breaking off iniquity;
James 5:16 Pray that we may be healed;
More than one way to win!;
Once the desire is gone we still have flesh;

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