Monday, June 12, 2017

An Encounter with Charity

One encounter sticks out today.
Susan and i were having a picnic at Jones Park in Gulfport. We make sure to bring extra drinks and fruit just in case we meet someone.
We did.
Her name was Charity.
We offered her and her friend a drink and some tangerines. She graciously accepted.
We began chatting with her and she had recently lost her 15 month old son. Her entire family was gone and she was so alone and so poor that she buried the child all by herself.
I could sense the pain and the sadness running over me like a freight train.
I was at a loss for words. All we could do was pray with her and talk with her and offer her a tangerine.
She said we were the fifth couple to come up to her and offer to pray for her.
There are wounded people out there that NEED something we Christians have to offer. If it just be a prayer or a hug or even a bottle of water.
A headful of theology isn’t going to help people like Charity if we don’t go out and love on people.
Charity means love.

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