Thursday, June 15, 2017

I go to church - I am good

In our daily ministry on the Gulf Coast we ask people about their relationship with Jesus. A common answer is “I go to church - I am good”.

There are some weird beliefs by many of these people that “go to church”.

They believe:

*Jesus isn’t the only way to the Father but their are many ways to God.
*the bible is full of errors, contradictions and or fairy tales and is unreliable.
*they can sin all they want because they said a prayer one time.

There seems to be a huge disparity between what is taught in the pulpit and what the people that "go to church" believe.

Maybe the church should start handing out tests and giving grades at the end of the sermons. Because it isn't sinking down into the ears of the recipients.

Time to roll up our sleeves and work the field. Sowing, watering, and getting our hands dirty. Get involved in people's lives. Love on them. Ask them questions like Jesus did. A monologue 30 minutes each week isn't working.


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