Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Does Satan Know our Thoughts?

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I began to ponder if satan can read our minds. I decided to ask my friends on social media for their input.

Satan works in the heart and mind;
Satan observes how we act and what we say;
Who knows a person's thoughts except the spirit;
1 sam 16:14 demons are spirits ;
Familiar spirits;
Does Satan see our calling?
Demons inhabit the supernatural realm;
Satan reads our facebook posts! ;
Luke 2 - Mary kept things private for a reason;
The Ephesians 6 armor and our thought life;
Reading our mind and predicting the future are incompatible;
Diviners read thoughts? Or Familiar spirits?
4 sources of spiritual information;
FB post http://bit.ly/SatanicMindReading ;
Got questions can satan read our thoughts article Does Satan Read Minds? - Got Questions ;

Thanks to Stephen Barret; Robert Nolen; Bobby Capps; Robert Dale ; Robert Dale; Darell Moseley ; Nance Reyes ; Jacky Feazell; @Ninuolaa ; @infooverload and GotQuestions.org

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