Thursday, August 31, 2017

Unity because of the Storm

I had a little scare yesterday for about a minute. The wind picked up really strongly. There was a noise louder than my air conditioner (Which that's pretty loud LOL).

I looked outside and I saw leaves and limbs swirling around. I started quoting Psalm 91. What else could I do?

I met some people this morning and we were talking about the storm that hit us yesterday. They were in the same predicament at the same time. They were quoting Psalm 91 as well. So I guess God wanted us to both pray Psalm 91 at the same time. We were praying the same thing at the same time before we even knew each other's names.

It is interesting how Unity comes out of a storm.

I believe that #TeamJesus Will Rise Up and be stronger than before this hurricane.

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