Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Worship in Spirit and Truth

I am sharing a few things that I have learned about Worship In Spirit and in Truth. I talk about what we are missing now and how to be sensitive to the Spirit of God.

- Be diligent Seekers of God;
- Knowing what we worship
Knowing to worship in Spirit and in Truth;
John was in the spirit on the Lord's day;
Learning from John's experience in Revelation;
Our Spirit touching God in Spirit;
Fasting to seek God and Quell the flesh;
Spirit songs and the beginning battle;
Gates with thanksgiving and courts with praise PS ;
Revelation happens as we wade into the spirit;
Seeking the Spirit quells the pride of the flesh;
John couldn't be killed and was banished to Patmos;
Gravity seems to disappear when in the Spirit;
Presence of God was there to heal ;
Jesus put out the unbelievers before raising the dead;
Spiritual Mentors;
Jacob was not sensitive to the Spirit ;
Psalm 23 mentors with overflowing cups;
Presence of God heals!!! testimony in the chat ;
Being born again to SEE THE KINGDOM;
Ezek 37:9 The FOUR WINDS breathe on the dead bones;
Lucifer has perverted music;
I burned my secular cd's and got DELIVERANCE! acts ;
Believers have the Mark 16 signs following! ;
Fowls of the air that steal the Word of God - ;
Isaiah 14 the nature of satan;
Lucifer looks to sidestep the prescription for salvation;
clean hands and a pure heart to ascend;
Nadab and Abihu brought strange fire before God and died;
2 Samuel 6 Uzzah didn't follow the prescription;
Devoted thing in Joshua crippled the Nation of Israel;
We have concerts now - not worship;
Our motives in worship should be pure;
Enter His gates and His courts prescription;
Circle Worship Mosaic and Davidic Tabernacle;
Spirit songs are unscripted and following the Spirit;
Wading from flesh to spirit like the river Jordan;
Believers lift up Jesus and men are drawn;
When the Spirit is present miracles happen;

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