Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Who Told You? Examining the Source of our beliefs.

Who told you what you believe? Where are you getting your information? The world or the Word?

Word was "Beware of the Leaven" ;
"Who Told You?" right now Word;
Getting in position for revelation;
Satan uses Rationale to cause us to stumble;
Devil uses If 3 times VS Jesus "It is written";
From wicked to pure heart;
Our flesh looks for scriptural loopholes;
Strange Fire In Leviticus chapter 10;
Uzzah was smote for his error 2 Sam chapter 6;
Job 38 Who darkening counsel without knowledge;
There are way that seem right to man Prov 14:12;
Joshua didn't ask God - Joshua 9:14;
David sought God to cure the famine 2 Sam 21 ;
Confirmation Bias;
Twisting scripture to fit our lusts;
Pastor that became atheist;
Never tasted of the heavenly gift Heb 6:4;
Not seeking truth but facts to support position;
Television implants false beliefs;
Entertainment gets your head chopped off;
TV puts our brainwaves in Alpha state;
The secular influences of Hitler and Stalin;

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