Thursday, March 15, 2018

Words of Knowledge - Let's Talk Bible

What are words of knowledge and how do they originate? My personal experiences and scriptures.

I came out of New Age and Occult;
prophetic mentoring;
Learn by working the field ;
Word of knowledge - Knowing something by supernatural means;
Seeing, hearing, perceiving;
1 deceit of your own heart;
2 familiar spirits or demons;
3 From the person directly;
4 God can reveal it to you;
God hid a word from the man of God;
Elisha knows Syria's battle plans;
deceit of their own heart;
prophesy by deceit;
Be Born again to see the Kingdom of heaven ;
Spirit and the Word agree with each other;
the Word discerns the spirit;
Spirit of prophecy points to Jesus;
The projection game;
Witches and psychics know this;
The white house example;
Demons reveal themselves ;
Praying it through is a long dialogue;
Japan Earthquake ;
1 Sam 3 Samuel and Eli;
Sons of God walk after the Spirit;
Developing a relationship with the Spirit of Truth;
Spirit of Truth will guide you ;
God can deceive prophets ;
Lying spirit in the mouths of the prophets ;
Spirit brings to remembrance;
Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy;

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