Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Praying it Through

This is a teaching that is largely ignored in the body, and is probably best left to a mentor. I am putting it out there to start a dialougue.

Men of God didn't consult the spirit sometimes;
David carried the Ark incorrectly;
Spirit never violates word but our theology;
Peter fought God on the tanner's house;
David Numbered Isreal against God;
Joshua didn't consult God about Gibeonites;
Jesus lays out a model in Matt 6:9 ;
The faces that pop up in prayer;
Gideon took a while establishing relationship with God;
Rom 8:6-9 carnal mind fights God;
Paul is a great example;
Satan uses scripture to manipulate Jesus;
Paul in Galatians 1 conferred with the Spirit;
Spirit told Paul to not Preach in Asia Acts 16;
Prioritizing God in prayer;
Matt 7:21-23 doing the will of the heavenly Father;

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