Saturday, October 20, 2018

Benefits of Seeking God

People seem to be more concerned with escaping hell than with seeking God. In this podcast I talk about some of the by-products of seeking God

Adam and Enoch walked with God;
Grow in Word and Spirit ;
Moving away from hell;
Depression is a spirit;
God turned it around;
God loves the rebellious children;
Jerusalem slays the prophets matt 23:37;
Prodigal son selfishness vs love;
Sin is rooted in selfishness Luke 15:11;
Faith works by love Gal 5:6
Benefits when seeking God;
Seeking God Hebrews 11:6;
William Seymour prayer life;
Repent and do the first works; first love;
Charging your phone when you feel like it;
Matt 6:9,10 prayer life;
Matt 6:33 seek God first and He takes care of our stuff;
Outer Darkness vs Sitting In Jesus Throne;

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