Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How we are doing Sidewalk Chalk Ministry

How the sidewalk chalk ministry got started, testimonies, and things that i have learned.

Pray about what scriptures to put down
Youversion and google
Not illegal;
Truly non confrontational;
If we love people we will share the gospel;
Started out with homeless shelters;
God brings people to inspire to go higher;
Started with signs on Beale St;
Rejection doesn't hurt;
Keeping Testimonies on the phone;
Never got beat up for knocking on doors;
How this started;
FOCA in Strayhorn wrote scripture;
Chalk lasts after we are gone;
People get convicted while on chalk;
Salvation after we are gone;
Words in season;
Activate Kingdom Seekers;
Act 13 method of evangelism;
Post your evangelism on social media;
State line sigh and design;
Share your testimony;
Establish rapport and eye contact;
Take no thought and let God move;
ask to pray for whatever they need;
So few laborers there are divine appointments everywhere;
God coordinates the teams;
Dollar store, Walmart, Amazon ;
Keep extra chalk around;
Business cards versus facebook method;
Post your evangelism to inspire others;
Be ready to record testimonies;
Public place like beaches or parks;

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