Saturday, December 22, 2018

Spirit Led Evangelism

Susan and I share what we have learned about being led by the Spirit of God during evangelism.

Show notes for this AUDIO PODCAST :

Luke chapter 10 vs what we do today;
Encounter with God makes the difference;
Sowing the word and seeing harvest later;
One on one encounters ;
Emotion or Spirit of God;
Spirit led evangelism Acts 13 and Acts 16;
Jesus didn't have a rigid formula;
Being available 24 hours a day;
Reasons or encountering God;
Jesus didn't beg anyone;
Default system of evangelism;
intellectual manipulation;
Gas station example;
God orchestrating Street Preaching;
Spirit led to the Radio Station;
Pray for God to put someone in your path;
Fundraising vs following God;
Jesus Jam example;
Not checking with God penalty! ;

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