Saturday, February 9, 2019

Prayer Discipline and Shaken Faith

My thoughts on discipline during prayer and what happens when our faith is shaken to the core.

Discipline in prayer;
Word for today';
Seeking God first instead of those things being added;
Casting down vain imaginations;
We can be our own enemy ;
Seeking god before the critical thinking;
Listen and read at the same time;
Natural tendency for our own agenda;
Don't think our own thoughts;
Josh 1.8 think God's thoughts;
God had me focus on avoiding selfishness;
Setting aside our selfish agenda;
God didn't tell us to focus on our blessings;
If we are thankful our actions will show it;
Spirit of prophets is subject to the prophets;
We control our thought life;
We cast down vain imaginations;
Know His Word;
Faith shaking events have happened to me recently;
Devil needs permission to shake our faith;
God didn't keep shadrack, mesheck, and abednego from the fire;
Devil is unwilling servant of God;
Back up and examine my faith in the fire;
Throw out the doubt and keep the Rock;
People brainwash themselves;
Build the house on the Rock;
Fire removes hypocrisy;

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