Saturday, February 23, 2019

Prophetic - Digging Deeper

Many thoughts on the prophetic.  

Interpretation is often a team effort;
God can give dreams to heathens;
Interpretations belong to God Gen 40:8;
Acts 13 ministering and fasting go the Lord;
Knowing the source of the vision or dream'
Eccl 5:3 multitude of business is a source of dreams;
Senses exercised by reason of use Hebrews 5:14 ;
Yoking and learning with Jesus Matt 11:29;
Jer 23:25,26 prophesy lies deceit heart;
Prophesy lies in the name of God sounds like Matt 7:21-23
Deceiving our own selves James 1:22
Heb 4:12 discerning the thoughts of the heart;
Ezek 13:2 prophesy lies from their hearts;
Prophesying by the wrong spirit;
Demons often expose themselves;
Spiritual body odor example;
Don't add to or take away from what the Lord shows;
Prophesying by Baal or a lying spirit; Jere 23:13,14
Jere 2:8 prophesying by Baal;
Prophesying by a lying spirit 1 king 22.22;
God deceives prophets Ezek 14 ;
1 Cor 13:9 we prophesy in part;
King Saul and the corporate prophetic anointing;
2 King 2:3 prophets tell Elisha about Elijah;
Act 21:4 & Act 20:22,23 Paul warned about Jersulsam ;
1 Cor 14:29 prophetic setting in the church;
Joseph's dream and Bible Codes;
A lady on Facebook had a similar revelation;
Dream about Catholic church exposure;
Plugged into spirit power tool example
Joan 8:31,32 continuing and knowing the truth;
John 15 abiding in Jesus;
My learning error;
Don't add to or take away;
God hides things from even prophets;
2 King 4:27 Elisa was hidden from knowledge;
Praying it through like Gideon;
Acts 2:17 Prophetic will be prevalent;
Amos 3.7 God reveals His Plans;
Dan 2:28 God reveals secrets;

Some Prophetic playlists on Youtube:

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