Sunday, March 3, 2019

Conrad Rocks Cessationsism

My experience and thoughts on Cessationism. Coming from a person that has had a lot of supernatural experiences.

Cessationist church demonic experiences;
New Age embraces the supernatural;
Atheists and cessationist have similar arguments;
Explaining what cessationism ;
Hospitals and healing;
Miracles at VA Hospital;
Luke was a believer but no miracles recorded;
No miracles because of Unbelief;
My encounter with an atheist on BLAB;
Atheist never heard of great moves of God;
Strange Fire - John Mac Arthur;
Authentic Fire book l - Michael Brown;
Progression of disciples to Holy Ghost Acts 19;
John 20:22 and Acts 2:4 progression;
Paul persecuted Christians before he met the Author;

Strange Fire Book
Authentic Fire Book

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