Saturday, May 11, 2019

From Evangelist to Agnostic - Charles Templeton

A viewer sent me an article about Charles Templeton an Evangelist that became agnostic. Here is my Response.

Evangelist turned agnostic;
Youth for Christ founder;
Rejecting Genesis account slides into hell;
Devil operates in the carnal mind;
Jesus responds "it is written" ;
Driven by the Holy Spirit to be tempted;
Ephesians 6 Spirit wields the Sword;
Meditate on the word and cast down vain imaginations;
Christians evade lots of scripture;
New Agers quote scripture;
Examining 1 Peter 3:15;
Sharing our testimony is real;
150 converts per night from an agnostic? ;
False converts - Ray Comfort;
The article is devoid of spirituality;
Paul used the bible to kill Christians;
Signs of a believer after an encounter with Jesus;
Doing Christian things but not knowing Jesus;
The carnal mind is at enmity with God Romans 8;
Preaching via the Spirit and power 1 Cor 2:4,5;
Only knowing Jesus and Him Crucified;
Diligently seek God Heb 11:6;
Jesus is the Truth John 14:6;

Farewell to God book
Book - God has a wonderful Plan

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