Saturday, July 20, 2019

Short Term Mission Trips - Do they do more harm than good?

Actual missionaries chime in on the question - Do short term mission trips do more harm than good?

#QuestionsThatRock about Short Term Mission Trips
Points from Articles I read include:
The same house painted 20 times by missionaries;
Money wasted when locals are unemployed;
Parents abusing children to milk money from missions;
Pastors have learned to milk money out of Americans;
You can't be a hero for a week;
Don't do a job locals can do;
Why not evangelize your own neighborhood?;
Facebook Comments include:
Kris Cates:
Gospel is not preached as much as humanitarian aid;
Why build them a house and not warn them about hell?;
Lauren Emswiler Watson:
Short term can be fruitful if the actually have a mission;
Lewis Jason:
Atrocities and danger is not a vacation!;
True missions must be led by the Spirit;
Glenn Roseberry:
He began his long term mission with a short term mission;
Mickie Sapen West:
Would YOU send 2000 to a mission without going first?;
Jean A. Young:
Disaster in the making - fetish bracelets!;
Jonathan Edward Gibbard:
Points out the cultural and language problem;
Stephen Barret from Holy Fire Japan chimes in audio;
We must be led by the Spirit of God with anything we do;

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