Saturday, July 6, 2019

TeamJesus behind the scenes Audio

Behind the scenes audio of #TeamJesus street ministry in Biloxi Mississippi. This is to encourage you to step out and get people closer to Jesus.

Show Notes

Behind the scenes Audio from actual street ministry;
Start by opening your mouth;
Dollar Store with Larry;
Knowing the Local Homeless Resources;
Unforgiveness is the major reason for homelessness;
Sow the Word and someone’s life will change;
Bus stations are great places to minister;
Praying for Doyle;
Relationship with Jesus is paramount;
God meets our needs according to His riches;
Demon exposes himself;
Dream of a person getting healed came to pass;
Pain demon moved around in his body;
Song - Kingdom Grind Music “Go Ahead and Hate”;
Going to Biloxi Rest Home
The distracting time waster ;
Praying for Bill from Maine;
We often hear “I go to church”;
Showing testimony on my phone LINK below;
Bill thought religions were equal;
Video testimonies raise faith level;
Traudi Davis “Listen to this”;
Approached a group and began to preach;
Money makes you more wicked;
God supplies our needs;
How to deliver a terrifying word;
American Dream leaves Jesus out;
Traudi Davis “blow your mind”;
Audio from Story;


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