Saturday, August 17, 2019

Is it Ever ok for Christians to Smoke Pot?

Christians and Marijuana. Lots of things are legal, but should Christians partake? I explore Christians and marijuana from a biblical view. This podcast includes comments from Facebook, a couple of articles, and clips from interviews.

What Does the Bible Teach about the Cannabis Plant? ;
The Ezekiel 34:29, Revelation 22:1–2 and Psalm 104:14 argument;
Exploring the Exodus 30:22-29 ganeh-bosem argument;
Alexandria Carson with Gen 3:18 thorns and the curse;
Sorcery - Pharmakia - all drugs? or the ones that get you high?
Is alcohol really similar to pot biblically? ;
Proverbs 31:4-7 and Eph 5:18 guidelines to drinking;
10 Things You Should Know about Marijuana and the Christian ;
The Genesis 1:29 God said every plant is for food;
Are pot brownies biblical? ;
Caffeine versus marijuana - stoned versus alert;
Jean O'Neil Manns - sugar causes health issues;
Lance Rowe - Marijuana and cancer ;
Salvia is a legal drug that is a hallucinogen;
Anna Wilkerson-Corman - Church should operate in Faith;
King Asa sought physicians and not the Lord 2 Chronicles 16:12;
Spiritual warfare attacks and quoting the Word instead of pills;
Clip of interview with Garry Nesbit;
Pot helped Nancy extremely reduce pill intake;
Thomas Tannehill - Maybe eating pot is ok, but don't get wasted;
Alexandria and Shelli - Pot opens up the demonic;
Clip from Interview with Steve Bratten;
Pot opens up the demonic and maybe Schizophrenia;
Clip from John Piper on Christians and Marijuana;
Clip from Meagan Farrow and her struggle with pot;
Pot is a gateway drug and should not be used for recreation;

Garry Nesbit talks about Pot
Meagan Farrow talks about Pot
#QTR Pot Post on Facebook
Crosswalk ARticle 10 things -  ;
Equip CRI article Bible and Cannabis -

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