Saturday, September 21, 2019

Taking Heed Lest We Fall - Radical Transformations

Taking Heed and giving examples of encounters and transfromations of people in Scripture.  We never know what people have been through.  With what measure we meet in judgement, it will be measured back to us.  Getting closer to Jesus changes everything.

Show Notes:

Comparing ourselves is not wise 2 Cor 10:12;
There seems to always be a new sin;
Some people are convicted about things others are not James 4:17;
Isaiah's encounter in Isaiah 6;
Paul's transformation Acts 9;
Zaccheus' transformation Luke 19;
The disciples scattered before the Spirit;
Jesus is the Only Way to the Father John 14:6;
Jesus is the Word John 1;
God is a spirit and must be worshiped in Spirit John 4:24;
The Spirit breathed the Word

Christianity should not enchained by religion but set apart as a spirit filled body to receive and release the radical life transforming encounters of Jesus Christ.

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