Saturday, December 14, 2019

Praying it Through

God initiates conversation

Often times God will initiate a conversation with a believer. We then need to "pray it through" to the conclusion.

Praying it Through Show Notes:

James 5:16 effectual fervent prayer gets results;
Supernatural events kick-off dialogue with God;
Spirit of Truth dialogues with us to teach us;
Know the Word and Know the Author;
I began my relationship with God as s child;
Suppressing the voice of God like a ball in the water;
Meditating on the Word and Precepts;
The Word is the Way to the Father which is Spirit;
Mentors should have sings of a believer and fruit of the spirit;
Jesus manifests Himself to the believer John 14;
Psalm 100:4 Seeking to get into His spiritual presence;
Judges chapter 6 God's dialogue with Gideon;
Jeremiah chapter 1 God's dialogue with Jeremiah;
Acts 13 church meeting ministering and fasting;
Must have a relationship with God first;
Acts 10 God's dialogue with Peter;
Truth teaches us we were wrong about or ignorant of;
Amos 8 God's dialogue with Amos;
Daniel 10 Angel's dialogue with Daniel;
2 Kings 3:15 music to enter the spirit;
God inhabits our praises;
Spending time with God;
Wigglesworth and Mueller prayed and read the bible a lot! ;
Spirit and Word agree;
Daydreaming down the freeway example;
Hebrews 4:12 Word of God cuts the soul and Spirit;
Acts 13 - how to have church in the Spirit;
Force yourself to pray - get your body under subjection;
More on the podcast ;
Prayer List on the wall with confirmations;
Don't let your thoughts block God;
Trusting God - faith and believe;
Jeremiah 13 God's long dialogue with Jeremiah;

John Alexander Dowie book
William Branham book
Five-Fold Ministry Vision

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