Saturday, January 18, 2020

Spiritual Warfare Preventive Maintenance

When the enemy shows up in our life, it is time for us to do some preventive maintenence. Find the source, confess, repent, and take ground.

The enemy gets mad when I talk about this;
Demonic night terror has common symptoms;
We are clean with the words Jesus spoke to us;
Our feet get dirty when we walk in the world;
We shall know ourselves by our fruit;
We commune with ourselves in the quiet times;
The light of God searches the inward parts Prov 20:27;
Getting secular songs into our heads instead of worship songs;
I had a demonic night dream - checking under the hood;
Youtube TV trial had wicked commercials compared to yesteryear;
From Howdy Doodie to Desperate Housewives to gay Jesus;
From 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God' to the songs we have today
Jesus says to do our first works - our first love, look how far we have fallen;
Deut 7:26 don't take the curse into hour house lest we become le it;
Act 19 burning the curious arts;
Listened to heavy metal and led worship - spiritual poison;
Things we utter in our hearts will come to pass; like Jesus said;
Joshua 7 Achan coveted a garment and all Israel was powerless;
The god of this world blinds the minds of unbelievers;
Set no wicked thing before our eyes ps 101:3;
Jesus illustrates the chronology of sin;
Nancy Petrey is talking about this in her post;
My burning the heavy metal CDs and occult books;
Fouls of the air snatch the word that was sown in our hearts Matt 13;
I was delivered and could think clearly;
2 Tim 2 purging ourselves of iniquity to be a meet vessel;
My Book Open Your Eyes My Supernatural Journey

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